Fake ID Vibes: Going on a Date? Booze is a Must and So is a Fake ID

Love and friendship are two important aspects of life. There is no defined age in which a man or a woman fall for each other. However, dating is one such scenario in which two people get to meet and know each other well. Earlier, arranged marriage was the heart of a person’s life, but down the line, things changed. Dating has gone viral down the years, with more people joining the bandwagon to know each other.

One thing that’s very important is “consent.” You will be surprised to know that there are governmental laws regarding love affairs too. Different states have a differing opinion on the age of consent. Well, for this discussion it is better that we don’t battle with the age factor.

Suppose that you are 17 years old and are out on a date with a person who is two years younger, in case you get caught up then your parents could easily be reported. However, with a fake ID in your pocket, you can easily escape the trouble makers in your first date. There are several things to consider when dating someone. Let me navigate you towards the following tips that you need to follow when going for a date:

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First Impression is the Last Impression

Don’t forget that your first impression will surely give a clear idea about you as a person to the one whom you see for the very first time. So be prepared!

Be Confident

Confidence is perhaps the most attractive quality attributed to men and women. Don’t start shaking when meeting the other person. Make sure that you make up for the meeting well, even if the other person is less confident.

Take a Bath before Leaving

Make sure that you wear a good perfume when leaving. Try to be perfect with personal hygiene. Sweaty armpits might only want the other person to exit the meeting as soon as possible.

Meet Where You are Comfortable

Don’t meet at a crowded public place. Plan for a place where you feel that you will be okay while talking. Sea side view or a good restaurant will do the honors.

Avoid Discussing Past Relationships

Once in a relationship, one of the two people often fail to not talk about their ex. Talking about rotten bad memories will only spoil the mood of the other person. Talk about the present and not the past.

Switch Your Phone to “Silent Mode”

A noisy phone is enough to deteriorate your first date. Keep your phone on silent mode and in case you do get any phone calls then simply delay taking them at that time. Even message tones can be very troublesome.

Share the Bill or Pay The Bill

Don’t embarrass the other person by looking into their eyes when the bill comes in the front. Whether you’re a man or a woman, simply take out the money for the bill. Don’t play the stereotype of a man paying the bill only.

Get Some Booze

When things are flowing down with high running emotions of love, some flowers and booze at the sea side are just amazing. But wait! Do you qualify for buying it? If no then stop, but if you still want to by one, then have a fake ID card.

What do you say? Will you be able to have a secure date? Yes, then that’s good and if no, then lets still sort out something. Do you have a fake ID? Don’t worry, you don’t need it casually, but when you’re in your teens or below the average age in your state to date somebody, you need to carry one.

Cops are out there performing their duty, and in case they get a hold of you, then you’re in tough hands. Well if you need booze then you surely will need a fake ID. Let me give you quick tips on how to get a fake ID and what to do with it:

Consult a Fake ID Maker

There are many unregistered companies that provide these services at affordable prices. Surprisingly there are fake ID websites too which provide the same services. Starting from $100 and going to as high as $300, you can get the best quality fake ID documents from them.

How Many Fake ID’s Do You Want?

You need to answer this question in the first place. If you have decided to drive, get booze and also go to the club with your partner, then you probably need three fake ID cards. A driving license is mandatory for you to have along with the club’s membership card. Moreover, for booze you will surely need to have a card that officially allows you to buy liquor.

Bargain the Price

Single fake ID card costs around $100 and the more the number of cards, the lesser will be the price per card. If you are taking online services, then there is no reason to bargain as online payments are fixed. However, if you are in conversation with an agent, then you can quote a price that suits you. Teenagers and young people are often cut short on their pocket money which is why they can’t pay higher prices.


Don’t Show Your Fake ID to Your Partner

Remember what I discussed in the beginning? First impression is the last impression. Don’t even try to show your fake documents to your partner. Honesty is what everyone is looking forward to in a relationship, well seldom does it happens these days. Keep your documents in a safe place in the car and only take them out when you want. There is no need to be extra honest by telling the other person about your fake document story.

Wear a Smile When Showing Your Fake ID to Someone

Be very practical with the situation. Don’t go pale while meeting the cops. If you even show the slightest bit of worry on your face then you might get caught in the net. Wear a pretty smile on your face so that the other person is convinced that the documents are as genuine as much as you are in that very situation.

Try to Keep the Booze Away From People

Some people tend to show their parental instincts by warning young people of liquor and dating. Stay away from the old chaps. Don’t get in trouble by letting them know that you’re making out for the first time with a bottle of booze in your car. Even if you want to have a glass of vine during the tour then park the car at a deserted place. I’m surely not asking you to park near a swamp, but a place where there are less people.


Well, I just hope that your first date goes well. Don’t forget to get some booze and your fake ID card. If you can’t afford to go to an expensive restaurant, then there’s no need to worry. Your starter pack should be in the car. Take flowers and your important things when going out. A fake ID website will help you ultimately. However, if you’re above the minimum age, then there is no need to get into any chaotic procedure.

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