Is There Any Change in Casino Games of 2017

You can count yourself among the blessed if you are a casino player in 2017. Unlike nothing we have seen before, the leading casino game developers are stopping at nothing to see that they create the finest gaming experience. Looking at the rate at which technology can now make VR (virtual reality) for the software developers of the casino to be a thing of actual reality, more innovations in this sector should be expected as we go through 2017.

Not only the opportunity that virtual reality is giving, almost all of the finest online casino sites are adding more sophisticated and innovative games to their podiums. Looking through the likes of the industry giants like Microgaming, Playtech, and NetEnt, players are sure to enjoy gambling, winning, and a gaming experience of top level in 2017. We can see some of these features in the list of casino games 2017.

Some Of he Best New Online Casino Games Of 2017

-Prestige Baccarat: this is what we get after the Prestige Roulette game that Playtech blessed us with earlier on. The Prestige Baccarat, however, is here to give more options for betting, better-quality camera angle and heightened gaming characters like statistics and gambling supports. Just sit back and enjoy a top-notch user experience and functionality from Playtech.

-Planet of the Apes: This is one of the newest additions to the list of Movie/TV-themed games of NetEnt in 2017. All thanks to the licensing deal, NetEnt creatively used the images, sounds, scopes, and clips from the TV show in casino games. All fans of NetEnt games or the TV show should stay tuned for the release of this ape-infested spinner in the finest casinos around.

-Castle Builder II: Our gaming experience will continue to change as long as the border between social gaming and online casino keeps disappearing. One game at the top of the list of the social/casino gaming transformation is the Castle Builder as seen at the 2017 ICE. This slot game brings traditional slot characteristics together with features of gamification. Players move through various worlds as the spin the reels and get several opportunities to mingle with over 300 characters. Building more castles means getting a greater chance to win in the game as well as contests against other players.

-Phantom of the Opera: This slot game is believed to be one of the most popular musicals in the globe, which is now being taken to slot reels. Microgaming got the licensing approval to the movie that was released in 2004 and based on the wildly famous stage show of Andrew Lloyd Webber. Slot games and music lovers should expect characters from the movie scene and all the popular songs from the hit show on casino slots this year.

-Gonzo’s Quest VR: This is a slot game that is seen to take the lead on the list of top slot games as it introduces us to the phenomena of casino gaming in virtual reality. As NetEnt showed at the ICE exhibition, players will transfer into Gonzo’s world. Spinning is enabled as the bet button appears before you before vanishing while the ornamented blocks fall from above. Are you sure you are all ready for the launch of this game?

As we can see that 2017 is a year that holds a lot of promising surprises for the fans of casino games. There are lots of free demos to get you into gaming and winning with the new table and slot games already available and those that are yet to be released. There should be no problem entirely finding several games that would interest you, irrespective of what experience and tastes you are used to.

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