What Children Can Learn From Minecraft


Unless you have spent a considerable amount of time trapped under a rock, you will be familiar with Minecraft as one of the most popular desktop games in the world. In fact, it is the Minecraft experience that has kick-stared a renaissance in PC gaming, which also triggering a proliferation of education-based games.

It is also a progressive game that is compatible with cutting technologies and innovations, as augmented reality tools such as Microsoft’s HoloLens are ideally suited for the interactive experience that Minecraft delivers.

What can Children Learn from the Minecraft Gaming Experience?

When all things are considered equally, however, it is clear that Minecraft deserves recognition primarily as an educational tool. What exactly can players learn from playing Minecraft though, both through direct and indirect lessons?

Consider the following: –

The Mechanics of the Property Market

At its heart, Minecraft is a game that teaches children the fundamental mechanics of that underpin the property market. While the modern market has been expanded by niche sectors and the emergence of trusted home buyers Property Rescue, the basic principles of building structures and utilising land remains unchanged. These are the currencies that Minecraft deal in, as players’ access a number of randomly generated domains and build structures using simple, square blocks.

These structures are built using raw and natural materials, which is also in line with the modern trend for sustainable architecture.

Core Problem-Solving Skills

Minecraft is also a tiered game with boundless levels, meaning that there is no end to what children can achieve. There are also little constraints in terms of gameplay, and this creates real-time challenges that need to be overcome if players are to be successful. While children can access online resources that enable them to address these issues, they need to adopt a determined approach and apply common sense in order to achieve a resolution.

Given the importance of practical problem-solving skills, this is a lesson that should not be underestimated.

The Importance of Learning and Collaboration

In terms of indirect lessons, Minecraft underlines the importance of learning and exploring as a way of expanding the human mind.  As players are constantly forced to explore new and unfamiliar terrain, they learn more about themselves and the natural world in a genuinely interactive environment.

The game also teaches the importance of collaboration, which is made possible through the community element that underpins Minecraft. This drives creative thinking and the values of teamwork, while teaching life lessons that are invaluable.

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