The Five Most Addictive Games for Mobile Platforms

It’s no secret that many Android and iOS users have one minor “sin” in common – they all enjoy game applications. Naturally, what would you do when offered to wait for an important decision for, say, a couple of hours or during your trip on a plane across the ocean? You would look for some engaging and entertaining activity, wouldn’t you? But what is the best way to kill time and get a lot of fun on a single occasion? Some would agree that playing online slots like those at is the most efficient way to relax. However, with the recently introduced smartphones and modern software applications, one may just sink into playing mobile games without the need to go online. Here are the five apps that users around planet find the most involving so far.

Sky Force

“Sky Force” is great time-pass for those who love various kinds of shooters. The game offers some truly “severe” difficulty level, which makes it distinct from all the previously released representatives of the genre. You as a player must fly the gunship, dodge endless bullets and, of course, defeat the bad guys. As you proceed you’ll be able to upgrade your ship and obtain a number of achievements. One should note, the app is compatible with Google Play Game service and includes the cloud saves. Back in 2014, it was one of the best games for mobile platforms.

Plants vs Zombies 2

One of the most known and recognisable platformers of all times is “Plants vs Zombies”. Today we introduce you the sequel. The key goal in this amazing game is to defend the base (the yard) from zombies’ invasion. For that purpose, you have the whole arsenal of battle plants, endowed with superpowers to destroy the innumerable enemies’ rows.

Game of War – Fire Age

The times when everybody thought the strategies were not suited for mobile devices are now long gone. Today we have plenty of those and “Game of War – Fire Age” is, without the slightest doubt, the best of all the introduced strategic games. It offers a unique opportunity for a player to build his/her own empire, having picked one of the three ways of development – soldier, leader or builder. And, surely, your hero’s characteristics can be enhanced, giving room for the extended weapons upgrades.

Mobile Strike

This one is an action MMO game, which involves a great deal of tactic and strategic thinking. You are given an important task to build an entire military base, which will contain tanks, copters, troops and heavy equipment. There’s an option allowing you to cooperate with other players, where you can rise up to the Head of State. Together you’ll crush all the enemies and bring a long-anticipated piece to the land.

Smash Hit

“Smash Hit” is a full of joy game, where you throw balls at objects and smash them to get to the next checkpoint. Graphics are so stunning that one can’t simply stop playing the app! Your life and ammo amount are strictly limited. But true excitement comes when the multiplayer mode is chosen.

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