7 Best Party Game Ideas for Small Groups


When you look up party game ideas on the internet, you will either come across generic ones like Truth or Dare or the ideas that need a large group of people. But, what about those parties with 4-5 people? 

There are quite a few traditional games and a few new ones that will keep you and your guests entertained throughout the night. We are going to share a list of the underrated party games that are perfect for small groups.

1. Great Minds Think Alike

This game is one of the best ones for smaller groups. More than a card game, it is a mind game. It is perfect to work on strengthening bonds and depicting how well you know each other. In this game, you need to choose something that you think someone else would choose.

It is a free printable with ten questions to play ten rounds, and the one with the maximum points after each round wins.

If you don’t want to ask the same questions as in the game, you could tweak them as per your party’s theme or according to the group you are playing the game with.

2. Online Casino Games

Casino games are fun and worth being frisky every once in a while. If you have a small group of people in your party who are interested in online casino games, https://us.888casino.com/casino-games/ is an amazing website to try out some of your skills in.

The website offers a range of casino and slot games that are enticing and keeps you and your party engaged throughout the night. From the riveting card games to the roulettes, you have so many options to choose from. It also has a $20 No Deposit registration, so you don’t put a lot at stake.

3. Who Am I?

It is an entertaining and creative game that lets you unleash your fun and creative side out to the world. In this, you can prepare chits with names of celebrities or things, and the other person needs to either enact and have people guessing or draw and have people guess who or what they are trying to enact.

There are a few good variants available on the internet that you can download for use. If that doesn’t entice you much and you want to put your twist to the game, you can fill in the chits according to you.

4. Murder Mystery Games

If your group of people is into mystery and murder cases, murder mysteries are entertaining to play. But, these are for the subdued parties and not for the rave parties. You don’t want to be banging your head to hard metal and then find the murderer the next moment.

These games are perfect for a chill night in with your people. You can buy one from the online stores and solve them throughout the evening. They are intriguing, fun, and perfect as a party game for small groups.

5. Never Have I Ever

We can’t have a party game without including an overrated and cliche game. Well, this is one of them. If you aren’t aware, it is a drinking game where every group member takes a turn saying something they have not done with the prefix of “Never Have I Ever.” Like, Never Have I Ever Stolen Money from my friends. If someone has done that, they need to take a shot.

There are a few different variations to the game that you can download and play. If you have a small group of creative people, you can let your questions play.

6. Pictionary

It is another popular game that’s a lot similar to Who Am I? You don’t need to download or buy the actual game on the internet. You can just set up a whiteboard in the living room and make a bowl of chits, including some of the best picture ideas. It could be fun, quirky, or educational if you are playing with your family.

Each member has to pick out a chit and draw what they got on the board for people to understand what they got in the chit. It is even more fun with groups that are not good at drawing.

Here is a list of words you can use in the game.

7. Two Truths and a Lie

Truth or Dare has become extremely outdated and suits groups with a large number of people. If you have a relatively small group and want to get to know each other better, Two Truths and a Lie is the perfect game to play.

In this, each member tells two truths and one lie about themselves, ensuring that they are believable and confusing enough for the other guests to distinguish. It is a great way to strengthen bonds between people that are reasonably new in the group.

8. Don’t Say Yes

Another fun party game that is perfect for small groups is this one. It is a type of word taboo game where the members aren’t allowed to use the word “Yes” or any other variation. 

Some games can use wearing necklaces and stuff as a punishment, or some can even be a game of striptease if you want to spice up the game. By the end of the night, you want to see who has the worst situation out of all.


Party games are fun and perfect if you want to reconnect with people and get to know them better. Here, we have sorted out a few of the cliche party games and a few of the fun ones that are perfect for a chill night with no alcohol or some. Not only are these fun, but these are also interactive and livens up a dull party at home.

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