5 Ways to Improve Your Betting Strategy

If you are a serious sports bettor, then you most likely consider yourself an ardent viewer of the sport too. This means that you already can guess a lot. But, why not better your chances by using guides like smartbettingguide.com, the numerous stats and match data websites, analytic software – which show the previous performances and ability of teams and players for you to put on a better guess and have higher chances of winning.


Here are a few ways for you to improve your betting strategy and make big profits based on proper educated bets.

1. Understand Basic Math and Set a Budget

Gambling and betting for most is a game of numbers. While some go with guts and the current scenario, others often follow statistics to make an educated guess as to what bet can make them the biggest profits. Different sports have different factors to be considered when using stats like quarterback ratings, underdogs, injuries along with how the season has been thus far or what the history says.

One of the reasons new bettors you can fail is spending more money than you can afford, which is why setting a firm budget is really important. You can’t spend all your budget on one bet. For every bet, only a small percentage of the allotted budget should be wagered to not lose everything. Which means anything from 1-5% of the budget per bet is acceptable.

2. Compare the Odds to Find the Best Value

Don’t settle for one, compare the odds from different bookmakers. Most of the times, the odds on offers from different bookmakers will be similar. But, if you spend a little time comparing you can find enough difference in the odds on offer to find good value.

You don’t have to do this manually, the advancement in the betting industry has meant a lot of useful tools being easily available. You can easily find various software and online tools to use that help you to check odds from different bookies and find the best value.

Software and tools automate the process by saving time and are far more accurate, hence, they are invaluable when it comes to spotting good bets.

3. Indulge in Lay Betting

Lay betting is another useful and profitable tactic to try. What you are doing here is you are betting against the outcomes occurring. This can help you generate profit from the odds on offer from bookies.

You need to be signed up with a betting exchange to indulge in lay betting so that you can bet against other punters rather than the bookies. The other benefit of lay betting is that it also allows you to cover several outcomes with several bets at different bookies. This, in turn, allows you to maximise your profits whatever the result of a sporting contest turns out to be.

4. Keep a Close Eye on the Sports News

If you are an avid sports bettor, then you need to understand the importance of knowing the statistics of the game you are betting on to make a profit. Following the sports news gives you a chance to make an educated bet with higher chances of your winning.

Not only the news, but highlights and comparisons between seasons, teams, and players are the kinds of information you should be following if you are serious about making money from sports betting.

Following different sources will provide you with information you need to place knowledgeable bets. Knowing as much as possible about the sport on which you are betting is always a smart idea. Thanks to digital technology, it has become much easier these days.

5. Use Software to Research and Create Advanced Strategies

Knowing who and what to bet is another crucial thing. This needs research along with math. The data that feeds the math is research – you can start from anything from checking out stats and watching games, to calculating return on investment.

To simply put it, betting is equal parts knowledge and equal parts math. Your research should be divided into two streams – sports knowledge and statistics or numbers.

You can purchase software to develop your own strategies. These software programs amount to huge databases that are loaded with categories like conference team rank, opponent rank, money line range, team vs. team, etc.

You can see how teams fare against specific opponents and spot trends – by inputting a number of variables – that the public doesn’t know about. You can find free database calculators that give you a fair amount of options, but serious bettors often go for the paid database and software programs to find trends and put together strategies with more detailed analysis.

Final Thoughts

Much of what strategy you use in the sports betting world will depend upon how much time you have and how serious you are about the matter.

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