Five Uncommon Drinking Games for your Next Girl’s Night

Sure dollhouses and kitchen sets were cool, but then you grew up. But now you have taken the road to womanhood and a girl’s night is no longer fun without a little (more than just little) booze. Moreover, in this maddening world, it is allowed to spend quality time with your friends and when you are at it, it is acceptable to forget the daily nuances and nothing triggers that better than a couple of good shots. When you drink, you actually walk on a tight rope, either side of which is a happy world and a black hole of everything you do not want to recall. To make sure that you keep your girls out of that black hole, we have a few fun and unusual drinking games to get you falling on the happier side.

Dirty Pint

To each its own! It is very likely that you and your girls might not have the same taste in alcohol. Someone might be a brandy girl and someone might be rum fairy, but you want to make sure that everyone gets a little of everything. And here enters Dirty Pint! Everyone will fill a common glass with a bit of their favorite poison and that would be your Everest for the night. Everyone will take turns flipping a coin and whoever loses the toss will take a sip. The game must continue till all you girls reach the peak (of the Everest, I mean).

Most Likely

This is a great game if you want to see how well your girls know you. A “Most Likely” phrase would be said and everyone points the one who is most likely to do what the phrase says. And she would take as many drinks as the fingers pointing at her. So, who’s the most likely to get wasted?

Straight Face

It is always a challenge to keep a straight face even during normal conversations. Keeping your face straight, while drunk, who is up for it? Every person has to write the most inappropriate and absurd things on a slip, shuffle them. Take your turns picking up a slip and keep a straight face. Every time you cringe, giggle or even raise a brow, you would have to drink.


As simple as it sounds! Choose a favorite movie or a TV show of the group. Every time someone says one of the most used words on the show they drink. Once you get playing, you would start saying, “Oh my God” a lot. For the warning, know that this game comes with endless, tummy-turning laughter.

If You Know What I Mean

To play this game, two people will enact a situation, for instance, meeting in a bar (or even a library) and they have to trade remarks. And what adds beauty to the game is that at the end of everything and anything you say, you have to add the phrase, “if you know what I mean”. Whoever runs out of metaphors for cliché pick up lines and sexual advances first, would drink. Put your acting (and liver capacity) to a test!

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