Google Says Farewell to the Nexus 7 Tablet


Two years is a long time in the world of technology. This is clearly evident with Google’s Nexus range of products, which have proven to be hugely popular among customers. After years of success, the brand is starting to shelve some of its older devices, with the 2013 Nexus 7 tablet having now been removed from the company’s website. Categorised as being ‘no longer available for purchase’, some experts have questioned the true reasons behind this decision.

In truth, there is little cause for concern among either experts or consumers. Google have already stop manufacturing and producing the device, meaning that it is only currently available through third party retailers such as Amazon and EBay. Once the stock has cleared the device will be no more, however, leaving the latest generation of Google hardware to dominate the market. Given the advanced nature of Google’s Nexus 9 and the upcoming release of Glass 2.0, it makes sound commercial sense for the brand to clear its backlog of stock.

Even accounting for the incredible popularity of the Nexus 7, there are logistical issues that have also prevented the life of the device from being extended. The device is no longer compatible with existing OS software, for example, and would therefore no longer be able to support YouTube and similar applications. The level of comparative value offered by the Nexus 9 also provides a huge challenge to the longevity of previous devices, as advanced software and functionality can now be purchased for a relatively low price.

So all sentiment aside, Google have been forced to make a commercial decision that will help the brand to maintain its identity. It will also enable them to focus on a new generation of products for the modern age, which create interactive experiences while making concepts such as online slot games and gaming increasingly immersive. This is an important consideration for brands such as Google, especially when you consider the popularity of live, virtual casino gameplay and platforms such as Slotomania.

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