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‘Clock on’ to Apple’s latest smartwear upgrade - Slosh Spot

‘Clock on’ to Apple’s latest smartwear upgrade

With Apple stealing most of the headlines for their launch conference and latest smartphone release of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the monotonous greeting their phones’ received should not put people off what looks to be a winning formula on the Apple Watch 2. Set to launch at the same time as the latest phones, which will hopefully tantalise spread betting brokers and traders, not to mention give a much needed boost to the companies’ lagging share price, they have removed its’ under-performing camera and instead integrated a brand new GPS chip which means that the watch can become more than just a bulky add-on for your phone. To make things better – the display will be brighter and it will be waterproof to 50m, meaning that surfers and swimmers alike will reap the full benefits from the tech and be able to use it as part of their exercise regime, without lugging their phone with them – helping Apple break into the ‘fitness’ market.

Although the device will be released at a sizeable $379 (or £379 if you are unfortunate enough to live in the UK!), the original model will be discounted and remain on sale and, being blunt, the ability to go for a job without having to wear a sweaty armband or play the new Pokemon Go app with Watch OS3 will arguably be enough to convince most to go for it anyway.

Apple’s new watch will be offered in the same pre-existing range of colours but an additional ceramic option will slide in with its’ aluminium and steel cases, while the over-eccentric Gold version of the watch that was run in the first model will not be renewed – arguably a positive thing. Hermes and Nike will both present their improved, newer running bands, and while these will carry a small surcharge, will better suit the ‘fitness user’ that may now consider the watch a practical solution for their workouts.

There is, however, always a downside to any Apple launch – but hopefully one that won’t take too long to rectify. Despite the Apple Watch 2 becoming available the middle of September, Watch OS3 will not be released until later on this year, meaning that the improved loading times, updated dock, medical app and fancy breathing monitor won’t grace your screens just yet – so don’t get too attached to all the things you’ve read so far.

So while the majority of you are already planning your latest, and overpriced, iPhone 7 purchases, take a moment to think about which item of technology you will get the best use from – because unless you are willing to fork out over £1000 for them both – the Apple Watch 2 may be the better choice for both consumers and even investors to win with; not to mention it will most likely be the one that helps spread betting users and consumers get the best returns on investment.

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