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Does Vodka Go Bad & How Long Does Vodka Last - Slosh Spot

Does Vodka Go Bad & How Long Does Vodka Last


To avoid any tragic, unplanned circumstances, it’s sometimes a good idea to double-check the longevity of each vodka bottle. Isn’t it true that no one wants to open a fine bottle of booze that smells and tastes terrible? So, how long does vodka stays good?  Keep on reading this article to find out the answers.

Does Vodka Expire?

Vodka has no expiration date. It starts to oxidize. Suppose if the bottle is left unopened for an extended period, it may lose its color, fragrance, and flavor. As a result, it may get spoilt. Every bottle of vodka may be appropriately sealed to keep it as strong as possible for decades. However, because of gradual, continuous oxidation, resting on your vodka shelf for around 40 to 50 years, still unopened, may lose flavor and alcohol content. Some people may mistake this oxidation for its expiration.


Vodka Shelf Life 

Lasting Appeal

Unopened vodka spirits can survive up to a century. Although a sealed bottle of vodka may be kept indefinitely, our experts recommend storing it away from direct sunlight. It’s to prevent the label from fading and becoming rotten.


While vodka is a reasonably durable liquor, severe circumstances may still impair your vodka’s extended shelf life and cause it to go wrong, regardless of how little it is.

Before serving, put vodka in the freezer at 41 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit, but do not keep it there for an extended period since it will go wrong. Such circumstances may alter the natural scent of your vodka.


When you open a bottle of vodka, it loses some of its shelf life. The oxidation process accelerates, causing the vodka to lose its taste and fragrance quickly. Because alcohol evaporates quicker than water, it grows weaker and may spoil if left exposed for an extended period.


A bottle of vodka that hasn’t been opened lasts longer. To ensure that each bottle lasts as long as possible, it is nevertheless advised that you check on it from time to time. Check the cork on your bottle to ensure it’s properly sealed, and there’s no extra evaporation. Vodka should be kept away from direct heat sources.


How Long Does Vodka Last?

Vodka may last for decades if stored properly. It has an unlimited shelf life, especially if it is not opened. To increase the shelf life, keep it at room temperature, away from direct sunlight/heat, and with the original cap on, not a bottle pourer.

By preserving your vodka in the most satisfactory possible condition, you can help it maintain its character, smell, and flavor.

Vodka is typically kept at ambient temperature and is rarely observed in refrigerators, so it will not spoil. While vodka does have a long shelf life, it is still essential to keep an entire bottle of vodka correctly to avoid evaporation.

Can Vodka Go Bad?

Does vodka go bad in plastic bottles?

You may store vodka and other forms of “hard” alcohol in plastic bottles,  Plastics that are immune to alcohol or almost impervious to alcohol exist. Even for polymers that aren’t, it takes time for the alcohol to dissolve the plastic.

Does vodka go wrong in the freezer?

Vodka is typically maintained at ambient temperature and is rarely kept in freezers, ensuring that they do not spoil. While vodka does have a long shelf life, it is still essential to keep an entire bottle of vodka correctly to avoid evaporation.

Does vodka go bad if opened and not refrigerated?

According to some experts, an opened vodka bottle should be used within six to eight months since alcohol evaporates quicker than water. Some experts believe it may endure another 10 to 20 years if properly stored. Vodka beverages are distilled liquor that can withstand a wide range of circumstances and environments.

Does vodka go bad in heat?

Heat can cause the alcohol content in your vodka to evaporate, reducing its shelf life and altering its flavor.

How to Store Vodka?

Unopened Vodka 

A liquor that has not been opened has an endless shelf life. When liquor is opened, it lasts approximately a year or two before it turns sour, which means it loses its color and flavor. If you don’t finish a bottle of booze in two years, don’t use it for good drinks.

Opened Vodka 

It would help if you used the original cap to seal an opened vodka bottle while storing it effectively. Then, to avoid any leaks, keep your half-empty bottle of vodka upright in an excellent, dry, dark spot.

How to tell if Vodka has gone wrong? 

Although it’s unusual, you’ll be able to tell if your vodka has gone wrong if you notice any changes in color or scent.


We hope you found the above information useful for storing your liquor and understand how long your vodka can last.

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