Effective Ways to Motivate Employees

Are you a business owner or manager? You believe in the company wholeheartedly, and there is that entrepreneurial fire burning inside you that keeps you motivated to keep working hard. Although you may have a team of brilliant employees, they may not have the same motivation as you. Even stellar employees need motivation from time to time. Although there is no single way to ensure your workers stay inspired, they are some techniques that, when implemented, will make sure workers stay engaged and motivated. 

These strategies have major effects on workplace motivation and productivity.


Promote open communication

If you want to keep your employees motivated, try to foster open communication with them. Who wants to work under a boss they feel is uncomfortable to approach? Show them you care. You see, a committed employee will naturally have questions, concerns, or comments. Have an open-door policy and make them understand that they input matters. Ask for their input, follow up with them regarding their input. Of course, you will not be able to fix every problem right away or fix every problem, following up shows you took time to consider their concerns, rather than sending them to someone else or ignoring them completely.


Give your workers a reason to stay with your business by giving rewards and incentives. Have an incentive program that recognizes hard-working employees who meet certain goals – this may be weekly, monthly, or quarterly goals. You don’t have to spend too much on rewards, check some out some incredible gifts from https://www.gifttree.com/v3/fruit-baskets

Encourage workplace camaraderie

Imagine spending 40 hours a week, in the same office with people you don’t get along with. That would not be the best working environment, right? Ensuring your employees are happy with the people they work with is crucial to keeping them engaged and inspired. Create team bonding sessions to enhance positive employee relationships. Whether it is starting off the day with a meeting or a bowling night every month, bonding exercises make sure employees are friendly with each other. Furthermore, bonding exercises foster open communication amongst employees, which makes it easy for them to resolve workplace issues without your assistance. 

Invest in their happiness

Happier employees are more productive. When people are happy about coming to work daily, they will be motivated to work harder. Overworking your employees is one way to make them unhappy. Don’t overwork them. Otherwise, they will not produce quality results. Remember, they have a life outside of work, and you should respect their work-life balance. Your employees will be happier if they know they can ask you for a day off to focus on self-care, or if they know you will understand when they have pressing family matters or emergencies.

Let them lead

Keeping your staff motivated is not just about giving the days off, rewards, or vacations – show you trust them and make them believe they can make a difference. Let a team member lead discussions whenever you have staff meetings. This way, their opinions will be heard, and they will make sure their words happen afterward.

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