Essential Tips For Travelling with Family Abroad

International travel

Family vacations are definitely full of fun and memorable experiences. It’s the best way to bond and connect with your loved ones. According to statistics, a quarter of 36.9 million American families with kids travel internationally. This is a sure-fire way to create adventure, and expose the family to different cultures, languages and foods.

Travelling abroad is a life changing experience, but it also comes with the trouble of packing the right things. When you travel with the whole family, you not only have to think about your personal items, but you also have to make sure everyone else in your family is well prepared too. To minimize your stress and keep you looking forward to your journey, let’s look at the essential tips for families travelling abroad.


When choosing which clothes to bring, try laying them all out, and then pack half of that. You want to choose clothes that are easy to wash, and comfortable and functional. Do yourself a favor and not bring clothes that need special care.

A quick packing tip to save space is to roll your clothes when putting them in the luggage…this allows room for souvenirs. Also, take note of the type of weather your destination will be experiencing. This will give you a clear definition of what functional clothes you may need.

If you have a baby or children, try carrying disposable bibs and mats. Packing disposable items will lighten your load and make it easier to travel for you and the little ones. Nothing’s worse than having to do unnecessary cleaning or laundry.


From passports and visas to your IDs, make at least 2 copies of each. Leave one in the place you are going to stay, and bring the other copy in your bag. Keep your plane ticket and passport accessible. This makes it easier for you get to when you need it in the airport.

There can also be quite a few stops that require your documents be shown. Taking a picture is also helpful in emergencies. In case your information gets lost, you can easily show authorities your original credentials.


Check the embassy’s announcements and tips for the country you are going to visit. They have updated travel statuses in their website and relevant safety instructions and guidelines that you need to be mindful of.

Bring a first aid kit to keep you and your family prepared for any wounds or scratches brought on by your travel activities. Travelling with kids require you to be attentive, but travelling with senior citizens oblige you to be meticulous. Regardless of who you are with, it should not stop everyone from enjoying the vacation.

To keep your anxieties at bay, avail a travel insurance. There are different types of travel insurance companies, so be sure to choose the best package that you deem suitable for your family’s needs and lifestyle. This will prevent you from going through possible turmoil from unforeseeable events.

Essential Kid Items

When travelling abroad or even domestic, make sure your kids are well-entertained. Kids have the tendency to get easily bored and can be uncontrollable, so bring items that will keep them occupied. Items like hand-held games, books, coloring books, a smartphone and earphones are very helpful.

Also, they are not your kids when they are hungry, so bring snacks that they can nibble on. Packing an inflatable travel bed or pillow will keep them comfortable whenever they feel tired and sleepy. It can also be handy when there is not enough space in the hotel bed.

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