Fancy a Career Change? Why Not Try the Charity Sector?


There are few feelings as satisfying as choosing your dream career, and few careers as rewarding as those to be found in the charity sector; deciding to change the world via charity work may well be one of the very best life choices that you’re ever likely to make.

Choosing a career in the charity sector

While there are numerous careers out there designed to make a difference to the world, a position in the charitable sector would be one of the few where your sole purpose is to help other people. Choosing a career in the charity sector will reward you in ways that you could never imagine, while the paths on offer are vast and varied; from hands-on roles such as support workers, marketing officers, and fundraisers, to those working behind the scenes in administration, finance, human relations, and top-level management, there are numerous areas of charitable work that are available for consideration. If you’re a get-up-and-go individual, you may feel that many of these positions are somewhat pedestrian – how will deskwork help those in need? However, it is important to remember that every pair of hands, no matter how far away, is essential to the very being of a charity.

Pursuing a career in the charity sector

When it comes to following a charitable path, it is important not to rule out voluntary work. Taking an unpaid position will help you to decide if it’s really for you before you make any life-changing decisions. Voluntary roles are some of the best routes into a career in the charity sector as they demonstrate passion, trust, reliability, and knowledge of the cause. Not sure about where to start? Think about the skills that you possess, any charities that you already hold close, and the types of people, or situations, you’d most like to offer your assistance to. Are you good with numbers? Do you communicate on a global level? Can you write persuasive copy? The charity sector requires all sorts of skills, so think carefully about where you would be best suited. Charity work is so much more involved than people think, and encompasses a lot of aspects in helping out people. If you want to fully immerse yourself in helping out charities involved in the medical sector, upping yours skill set by getting a rn to bsn houston would be a great advantage, so don’t ever be afraid of undergoing training, or moving a little outside of your comfort zone.

One of the most daunting aspects of choosing a career in the charitable sector is deciding which organization you’ll support; after all, there are so many deserving charities out there. Don’t be afraid to choose a charity that may be less well known – these are the people that often need your help most. The story of Lindsey Stone, who works to raise awareness of learning disabilities and autism spectrum disorders, as well as supporting children and young people affected by such conditions, is an inspirational one; Lindsey once worked for the retail industry but was compelled to leave all of that behind to offer her assistance to people who often fall under the radar.

Choosing a role within the charitable sector is likely to be one of the best career decisions that you’re ever likely to make. There are positions to suit a wide range of skills, passions, and interests, and you’re guaranteed a varied and rewarding future.

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