Fight For Entertainment Champion: Has Gaming Truly Defeated Hollywood

Video games have changed the entertainment industry like no other; the past few years bear testament to the giant leaps taken forth by the industry. While the regular moviegoer might find it a bit puzzling for his/her eyes to concentrate on the subject matter when talking about games, the same though cannot be said about a regular gamer who spends his/her leisure hours engaging in a digital activity with a considerable level of involvement as compared to movies. The truth is, video games have morphed into a promising entertainment medium without risking the credibility and integrity of the gamers. After all, one can always settle the score in a 1v1 match rather than watching a scripted event of a movie.   

Taking the fight to the front: Modern-day gaming 

Movies have been the mainstay entertainment medium for quite some time now. And it is also true that video games have been around people since the advent of computational power. In simpler words, movies have been around for a longer span as compared to video games. Researchers at Betway Casino stated, great artists and writers have put their hearts and souls into the making of larger than life flicks, but videogame creators and story writers hardly get the appreciation that they truly deserve. 

Why this division among the people, though? The answer is simple, if a considerable portion of society consumes a product for a long time, the introduction of a new one brings a hateful sentiment, the acceptance is hard to come across no matter what the product might offer. However, times have changed, and video games are now advancing ahead of movies in today’s entertainment industry.   

Revenue generation

Global box office collections are the norm when it comes to the success rate of a film. The sales flood in billions of dollars every year with the introduction of a new and exciting storyline. Video games now offer the same scenarios to their developers and publishers with interesting storylines and gameplay mechanics, global sales have skyrocketed. They have even given popular movies a run for their money. 

People now understand the art more than ever 

Hadn’t it been for titles like Halo CE, Call of duty Black Ops 1 and 2, Bioshock, etc. people would’ve never understood the level of seriousness game stories can offer the player with. This has become an art form like no other, a kind of art form where the person playing the game is the only one driving the story at the pace of his/her choosing; one cannot do the same with movies.   

The future is certain 

It has been projected that video games are about to take over the entertainment industry in the coming 4-5 years. The introduction of newer technologies like motion tracking and VR support has revolutionized gaming on a larger scale than ever before. Movies, on the other hand, though still rely on CGI for spectacles, and they haven’t used a new technology for the most part, which can enable the immersion factor for the audience in general. Hence, it can be said that video games will eventually become the primary source of entertainment in the upcoming years.

The original infographic can be found on Betway’s Insider.

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