How to Break into the Cannabis Industry


Marijuana is slowly becoming legal around the world and people are ready to take advantage of the legal opportunities that come with it. As the cannabis industry is a “budding industry” (pun intended) there is limitless potential unfolding.

There are many questions that arise when you consider the cannabis industry such as what types of positions are offered? Are there any legal ramifications working in the industry, or how do you break into this industry successfully?

If you are one of the thousands of people that are excited by the growing cannabis industry yet do not know where to start, below is information on how to get hired, what some of the job titles are, and what information should you know regarding the law.

How to Get Hired

The competition is steep, as this is an extremely competitive industry. Currently, there are more people who are interested in getting a job than they actually have available right now, so it is up to you to be as knowledgeable as possible. People always want to work with someone who knows what they are talking about and more importantly, what they are doing. Go out to events so that you can network. Like with many other industries there will be some hustle involved because nothing will drop out of the sky and into your lap.

Cannabis Job Titles

As stated above there is room for unlimited growth. Because the industry is still developing, any experience you have will have far more weight compared to established businesses as you can enter in as management with experience. In addition to experience, you always want to present yourself as professional. You do not want to come off as a slacker that they have to worry if you are going to be using the product while on the clock. Looking professional indicates that you take the opportunity seriously and that you have a passion for the product. You want to be taken seriously.

A few of the departments and job titles that are currently available are as follows:  Manufacturing. Manufacturing jobs include Grower, a Cultivation Site Worker and Manager, Trimmer, Clone Technician, Cannabis Chef, Extractor, Laboratory Technician, a Field Tech, Water Filtration Systems, and Distribution Clerk. On the dispensary/retail store side, of course, there is the Owner of the dispensary, there can be a Store Manager, Delivery Driver, Dispatcher

Receptionist (if necessary), an Accountant, Security (which is a necessary, mandatory position), and Packager (if needed). Lastly, there are positions that are commonly found in other industries such as Marketing, Sales Representatives, Web and Software Developers, Hydroponics Sales, Compliance Director, IT Management and even Glassblowers.

Research and Learn

Research and learn as much as you can about the cannabis industry before attempting to enter into it. There is so much to learn about this business.

Just as you have to attend college or other specialized education to learn a skill set, having knowledge about cannabis is equally as important. While having a cannabis background is important, it is even more important to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing state and federal government laws. Being up-to-date with cannabis laws in your area will help keep you compliant and more importantly off of law enforcement’s radar.

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