The Art of the Passive Aggressive Note

Bet you never realised that writing a passive aggressive note was an art, did you? According to this infographic, it’s a finely tuned skill that takes hard work, a clever mind and a bit of wit to craft the perfect note to convey your annoyance without coming across too harshly.
There are the big questions: should you sign it off with your real name or should you remain anonymous? How much sarcasm can you include to tip the person into embarrassment so they won’t park in your space or “forget” to wash the dishes again? The stats show that 61% of people would be offended if they received one of these notes so be careful that you don’t push them too far and start a “passive aggressive war”.

The infographic below, created by Data Label, demonstrates how you should make sure to include your Ps and Qs to the excess while stating the obvious and even including handy diagrams. Also included are some examples of hilarious notes received by members of the public, although worrying some slightly overstep the “passive” line on the aggressiveness! We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve been trapped in our driveway or have got sick of the music being too loud yet again, but apparently only 83% of us admit to leaving a passive aggressive note for the culprits. Perhaps this infographic can help those in dire need.


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