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Most of the people love to go fishing and for them, it is like a hobby. It is really fun to go fishing however it can be tough to task to find fish if you do not bring fish finder with you. No matter you are doing kayak fishing for fun, competition or recreation but it is always necessary that you equip yourself with the proper gadgets. So, do you know which can be the best fish finder for you? If not then make sure you go through this article once.

Here, in this article, we have reviewed some top fish finder for kayak fishing which you must read.

Deeper smart sonar PRO+

People who are in search of the portable fish finder can use this model. It is wireless as well as a superlight fish finder for kayak fishing. This gadget weaved the fishing in a smartphone/tablet interface. This gadget works efficiently on all platforms whether it is Android or iPhone devices. The battery of this gadget is long lasting and it is rechargeable. The maximum depth range is 260 ft/80m and the operational temperature is 4F-10F or 20C-40C. It is a sonar type fish finder having dual beam and sonar scan rate of about 15 scans/ second.  The weight of this gadget is 3.5 oz or 100 g.

Garmin striker plus 4-

garmin striker

For the angler searching for small as well as a powerful fish finder, it is the best to model. It is very simple to carry as well as can be easily mounted on the kayak. The screen display, data, and the images are easy to view regardless of environmental conditions. The display type is QSVGA and the display resolution is 272×480. It has dual beam sonar and frequencies supported 50/77/8/200 kHz. There is provided split screen zoom as well as water rate is IPX7. It is easy to install it and it shows sensitivity to GPS.

Humminbird helix 9 DI/GPS-

It is the top sonar unit which is released by the hummingbird and it is offered with all the features that anglers are searching for! There is an advanced GPS module in DI sonar unit which enables the person to mark the place and go for fishing. It is easy to navigate the waterways using this gadget.  There is offered high-definition side imaging as well as dual beam + sonar with switch fire. Also, there is offered an IPX7 waterproof feature and it is easy to operate as well as understand this gadget.

Humminbird HELIX 5 SI/GPS


For a small boat this is top fish finder and it is an older model of hummingbird HELIX with newer features. it does not contain CHIRP sonar feature however it offers 3 types of sonar that are down imaging, dual-beam plus and side imaging. This gadget also offered with UniMap base chart. It is easy to use this gadget for finding fish and it is having sturdy construction thus, it cannot get destroyed or damaged easily.

Lowrance hook 3X sonar-

This fish finder got the LED backlight which helps to brighten up the picture. It is having a 3-inch color display offering a clear picture of things underneath. Viewing it is simple in bright sunlight and you can also view the angle in the monitor. The resolution is about 320 x 240 which is easy to see the waves underneath.

Garmin striker 5CV fish finder-

This model of fish finder has many helpful features which will locate as well as catch number of fishes at times. One of the useful features it offers is the integrated GPS system. It is used to detect as well as show the information of what is underneath your kayak. The user can make use of this information with geographic data and optimize the ability to seize the fish. The gadget also records and display water temperature in the form of a graph. It is easy to understand and use this fish finder. The premium quality display screen is 5 inch and offers sharp and clear images.

Humminbird Helix 7 CHIRP DI-

Humminbird Helix

It has 4 different variants however the first choice of anglers is SI. This fish finder has many common features with its new model and its helix 5 has many benefits which users will enjoy for sure. The best feature it offers is the upgrade image processor which enables better signals as well as produces clear images. It has easy to install setup and it has the multiple sonar functions as well as accurate GPS.

Raymarine Dragonfly 4 pro- 

This fish finder is having 4.3 inches backlit LED. It helps you to read the display at the night as well as bright light. It offers HD images with the 480×272 WQVGA resolutions. It is believed the best inexpensive fish finder. The depth range of this fish finder is 183m and it is offered with a 1-year warranty. There is an LCD screen provided which is sizeable and easy to read. It connects to the Wi-Fi very easily. And it is easy to install as it has a quick release swivel set.

Vexilar SP200 T-box fish finder-

This fish finder is the best product which can be used for kayak fishing. It is compact in design and it can connect to the smartphone easily. vexilar SP200 is the transducer which connects to Android smartphone wirelessly. The gadget can be used and controlled with the help of an application. This gadget needs to be hooked on the 12-volt battery for gaining power.

Lowerance mark 4 fish finder-


It is a budget-friendly fish finder for people who have a low budget.  It offers 3 models that are CHIRP, base unit, and HDI. All of them are perfect for fishing in a kayak. The screen size is 3.5 inch and screen resolution is 320 x240 pixels and the maximum depth range is 250 ft.

So these were the top fish finder you can find in the market for kayak fishing. Now, you will easily be able to find the fishes using this fish finder.

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