Turning Your Friendship into Romance


They say that the best relationships between men and women start with being friends. But what if you’ve been just friends with someone and all of a sudden the love strikes you and now you want to turn your friendship into a love affair? It can be pretty challenging but still possible. Probably, your main concern is whether your friend feels the same for you and how they will react to your confession. You should be very cautious and start by dropping hints instead of getting everything off your chest. Even if it’s not reciprocal, this is a good way to test your friendship: if it’s genuine, your failed romance won’t spoil it. According to the relationship experts from Ukrainian Dating company Jump4love.com, you can try to convert your friendship to love by taking the following gradual steps.

  • Figure out your feelings. 
    Before making any first steps, you should analyze your feelings once again. Make sure that you don’t mix intimate feelings shared by all friends with love. Speaking about men, they tend to open up to female friends rather than their buddies. It’s more comfortable for them to get more emotional with emotional creatures (women). So, your task is to make it clear for yourself whether you are intimate as all friends are or it’s another level of intimacy that you feel for your friend.
  • Start changing from the outside.
    The first thing that you can do to show your friend that something has changed in your attitude to them is to start dressing up. If you’ve been friends for years, you don’t care about how you look when you spend time together. Remember how people dress when they are in love with someone. They put on their best garments that make them look sexy for their love. And you should do the same: dress to impress.
  • Try virtual flirting.
    If you think that by openly flirting with your friend, you’ll freak them out, start with covert online flirting. Leave flattering comments under the photos your friend publishes in social media or send some flirtatious messages. At first, they won’t be taken seriously but if you stick to your tactics, you’ll make your friend doubt the innocence of your pranks.
  • Flirt in real life.
    Continue your endeavors of getting your friend to view you as a romantic partner in real life too. By being consistent in all your actions, you’ll make your friend look at you from a different angle.
  • Arouse jealousy.
    Express your interest in other people of the opposite sex in front of your friend. If you manage to make your friend question their attitude towards you by making them feel jealous, you are halfway to success.
  • Be unavailable sometimes.
    If your friend has got used to the fact that you are always there whenever they want to go out, make your presence in their life scarce. It will also bring about some doubts and, maybe, jealousy on their part. Very often, people start thinking: “Why should I care? We are just friends. Or not?..” This is the moment when your friend realizes that your friendship will never be the same.
  • Take your time. 
    If both of you have understood that your friendship is gradually turning into something bigger, the main point here is to move slowly. Don’t rush into a romantic relationship. Start getting to know each other in your new roles and cherish your platonic past.

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