Top 8 Entertaining Facts About Trucking

Entertaining Facts About Trucking

With the evolution of everything, every business is adopting a change. The trucking industry is also constantly making changes in response to the growing demand for the transportation of consumer goods.

Most people are trying to run a trucking company. Although it shows a profitable move, starting a trucking business requires a long process from designing a plan to lease the truck and fulfilling legal requirements, every phase needs to be completed. You can contact authority services to obtain a Pennsylvania dot number and other legal authorities to go with the business. 

Outwardly, the trucking industry seems very passive. There are trucks, they carry loads, they move to different places, they haul consumer and commercial goods, and so on. But if you scratch the surface, you will see a lot of facts that hold interest and reveal fun tales about trucking. 

Here are 10 facts that you’ll find surprising about the trucking industry.

6% Of Drivers Are Women

The trucking business is known to be dominated by males. And today, only 7% of the women are contributing themselves in this field. With the increase in the trucking companies, there is a shortage of truck drivers, and it is suggested to increase the number of women drivers. However, many women are choosing this career field as full-time drivers. 

Truckers Spend 240 Nights Away From Home

Because of the demands of truck drivers, the hometime is limited for them. Many truck drivers are forced to move 300 days per year which is a tough thing. They miss lots of family moments in life. From watching their kids learning different things to seeing their goals and spending family time with them. Truckers miss a lot. 

Traveling Distance To The Moon

The traveling distance to the moon is approximately 240,000 miles. And if we add the annual distance covered by the trucks, it will come out to be 300 billion miles by adding all small and large trucking businesses’ journeys. So the distance these trucks cover can make a trip to the moon and also a plus trip around the moon.

A Huge Number Of Trucks In The Industry

Around 26 million trucks are moving on the roads of the US to other states. If we come to pile the trucks over one above the other, it becomes a ladder to the moon. 

Trucks Need More Time To Stop 

Trucks are loaded with heavyweights. Their stopping speed increases because of their weight. This weight makes them accelerate more quickly when driving down the road but makes them take longer to stop.

The Trucking Business Has A Major Contribution To The US Economy

The US trucking industry is the largest revenue source for the nation’s economy. The industry’s last recorded revenue reached almost around $791 billion. As mentioned above, without the trucking industry, the nation would never look the same as it is a huge money-making source and lots of businesses are relying on them for their everyday operations. 

Trucks Haul More Load Than Any Other Method

Trucks are responsible for carrying almost every kind of good from one place to another. According to stats, almost 80 percent of the goods are transported through trucks. However, there are other means like ships, rails, and airplanes, but when it comes to transport a large number of goods on roads, trucks are the attention seekers. 

Shortage Of Drivers

Although the trucking industry is growing rapidly, and thousands of trucks are running on the road every day, there is always an end for drivers. In the US, mostly drivers age from 45-55 years, but the trucking industry is looking for young drivers to handle the everyday move. 


Aside from these fascinating facts, most people are unaware that trucks contribute significantly to the American economy. Nowadays, most people rely on trucks as a means of earning. In other words, if the industry went away, more people would be homeless and hungry. 

So, if anyone wants to be a part of it while starting in any US state such as Pennsylvania, California, and so on, he should know how to start a trucking company. Because so many people have begun to join a trucking business group, they must learn more about it. 

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