Underrated Places to Meet Women


The internet has seemingly taken over the world when it comes to where to go to meet single women. This is for good reason as it is an amazing way to meet people you may have never otherwise met. In fact, tens of millions of Americans have tried online dating and many meet their significant other online.

However, while meeting girls online is great and should be a part of every guy’s strategy, don’t shy away from meeting girls in person as well. While bars, restaurants or nightclubs are an option, they are pretty played out and everyone already knows about them. This article is going to look at a few different (and underrated) places where you can meet and mingle with other singles in your area.

Fitness Classes

While meeting girls at the gym is quite played out and might be the wrong move, fitness or yoga classes can be another story. Fitness classes encourage group connection, activities and communication. As a result, it is the perfect place to potentially meet someone.

These fitness classes usually have quite a few women, but be sure to save your conversations for after or before the class. Trying to hold a conversation is the last thing someone wants to do when they’re holding a pose or working out hard. Be considerate when it comes to when you approach, and be friendly. In addition to meeting girls, attending a variety of these fitness classes can help you make friends while also staying in shape.

At Conferences or Events


Whether it is a work conference or a public event on Facebook, large gatherings are always a good place to potentially meet single women. No matter what city or town you’re in, there is a good chance there are several different events happening frequently.

Because most of these events have some sort of a theme or general topic, it is easy to start a conversation. Of course, be sure to be professional and respectful and treat meeting people here different than approaching them at a nightclub. Also, events like this will likely have a wide range of different people so no matter your interests in a person, they will probably be satisfied.

While Volunteering

Not only is volunteering a great chance to help those in need and serve your community but can also be a place to meet like-minded individuals. There are many different volunteering opportunities that range from helping senior citizens, helping the homeless, doing food, bottle or clothing drives and so much more. Volunteering is often done in groups and there is plenty of time to speak with the other volunteers.

While you will still need to get to know them, the fact that they are volunteering should tell you the sort of person they are. Most people who volunteer are kind, selfless and enjoy assisting others. Of course, the actual volunteering should take precedence over the conversation, but there is nothing wrong with mingling if you are still getting your duties done.

Art Galleries or Museums

In the United States, there are tens of thousands of different museums. Some focus on art, some on history and many on dozens of other topics. There are also a ton of art galleries out there to check out. Most cities will have at least one museum or art gallery.

In addition to being a great place to see some stunning art, a museum can be a great place to meet single women. Many of these are free (or affordable) to visit, so are often quite busy. Coming up with an opener or breaking the ice is also incredibly easy as you can ask their opinion on a certain piece or something along those lines. It can offer a great chance for an organic conversation to take place with someone who shares similar interests.

While technically anywhere can be a place to meet women, we feel these are among the best and most underrated. Try these tips and meet some cool people that you’ll enjoy spending time with!

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