The Benefits of Flowers in the Workplace


In any workplace your employees are your greatest asset. Many businesses offer employee perks or extras, but few take advantage of one of the cheapest and easiest ways to boost employee productivity, wellbeing, and health. Making your office a better place to work is as simple as including fresh flowers.

Multiple studies have shown that displaying fresh flowers in prominent places around the office has a huge impact on employee health and wellbeing. Studies have shown that including fresh flowers and plants can increase productivity by 38% and wellbeing by 47%. The best part? You don’t even have to lift a finger. A Brisbane flower delivery service can keep your office looking beautiful with a regular fresh flower delivery. As well as making the whole process easy, a qualified florist can advise you on the best flowers and arrangements to suit your office atmosphere, and also provides quality blooms that last.

Including fresh flowers in your office décor is about more than just improving employee’s moods. Being around flowers and plants regularly indoors can also improve your health. Studies show that indoor plants can increase energy levels, and also reduce the instance of the common cold by more than 30%. They can also reduce blood pressure, and have an influence on anxiety levels and depression. Not bad for a vase of flowers.

So fresh flowers can improve people’s moods and also result in less sick days. But they do more than that for improving productivity. An eight-month long study revealed that both female and male participant’s innovative thinking, idea generation and creative thinking were all boosted compared to offices were plants and flowers were not included. Surprisingly, the effect was not limited to only female participants. As well as producing more and better ideas, the study found that the abundance of creative and innovative thinking itself made the participants feel more motivated to achieve more.

Any business expert will tell you that to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace a happy and productive workforce is a must. A smart business looks for any easy steps to create a better workplace and lift morale. Adding flowers to your workplace is such a simple process that can make a real difference to any business’s bottom line. We’ve long known that our environment can affect our moods and health, and this can now be applied to increase business productivity, making the office look prettier and smell a little sweeter at the same time.

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