What are the benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana consumption

This article contains all the Health benefits of marijuana. In this article, we highlight all the positive aspects of marijuana based on shreds of evidence and researches. Consuming marijuana more than a certain limit can lead to worst conditions too. Marijuana was most probably used in medical purposes or in treatment. California became the first state in which marijuana was legal for medical purposes. Marijuana was classified as a scheduled 1 Drug by Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Here we have listed the Best 10 health benefits of marijuana.

Best 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana:

1. Cancer : From the experiments and medical evidence proved that cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer. An article published in the journal “Molecular Cancer Therapeutics” says that in marijuana a chemical was found and has the ability to stop  “ID-1” gene. This gene direct stops cancer cell from spreading. In U.K. researches have been found that marijuana compounds are used to kill cancer cells. These compound are mostly used by leukemia patients.

2. Alzheimer’s: According to the research which is published in “Molecular Pharmaceutics” show that marijuana slows down the Alzheimer. An Active ingredient i.e. THC which helps in slow down the progression of Alzheimer. THC blocks the enzyme which is present in the brain and slow down the formation of amyloid plaques. Thus, it is also helpful in preventing the Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Arthritis: Marijuana acts like an anti-inflammatory pain relief which usually helps in arthritis. According to the researches in 2011, reported that cannabis helps in lower down the pain and inflammation during the rheumatoid. It promotes sleep and gives relief and comfort to the people.

4. Pain reliever: Marijuana has the ability and contains some compounds which reduce the pain. The pain may be on any type like in rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis and in migraines. The effect of marijuana is far better than aspirin. It acts as anti-inflammatory pain relief and is one of the health benefits for humans.

5. HIV: In marijuana an active ingredient i.e. THC  helps in lower down the HIV in monkeys. According to the scientists, if THC was given to the monkey on daily basis raise to the higher number of healthy cells as well.

6. Anxiety and Depression: It has been found in the study that, the daily dosage of marijuana helps in lowering down the depressive symptoms. It also relieves symptoms of ADHD and anxiety by consuming small doses.

7. Glaucoma: it is a disease in which the pressure is increased inside the eye. This causes blindness or total vision loss. In researches, we have found that marijuana and its compounds lower down the pressure inside the eye and thus it cures glaucoma.  Scientists are working to develop new drugs based on cannabis.

8. Nausea: Marijuana contains a main compound i.e. THC. THC is very helpful in the treatment of nausea. Basically, marijuana contains 60 cannabinoids and it also used in chemotherapy.

9. Multiple sclerosis: By the reports of “Canadian Medical Association” found that marijuana lowers down the pain caused by multiple sclerosis. THC which was present it the marijuana reduces the pain. Smoking marijuana for some days, patients reported that it lower down the pain.

10. Parkinson’s disease: In the research of marijuana published in “Medpage Today” proves that marijuana treats Parkinson’s disease. In certain cases, marijuana also decreases the level of Tourette’s.

Thus these are the Best 10 Health Benefits of Marijuana. One thing you should have to remember that excessive use of marijuana can cause anxiety and other harmful effects. Marijuana banned in some states and some have legalized. 

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