Things You Shouldn’t Buy From The Dollar Store

Unless you’re the ultimate Scrooge, the only time you’ll find yourself at the dollar store is if you don’t have any other choice. Maybe you’re on vacation and it was the only place to go to in the middle of Ohio. Maybe your wife dragged you there because she insists that you have nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon and she needs a laugh. Or maybe you noticed a sign for Goat’s Weed and you heard that it works just like Viagra. Regardless of whatever reason you justify in your head, you find yourself looking through the shelves at all the economical – a.k.a. cheap – stuff readily available for your perusal. And although you probably already know this, here is a list of things you really shouldn’t buy from the dollar store.


Things You Shouldn’t Buy From The Dollar Store - Batteries

Did you ever notice that every time you go to Safeway you find yourself reaching for another pack of batteries? You need them for practically everything important in your life. Alarm clocks, the TV remote, your kids’ toys, just to make sure he has something to do rather than bug you, they manage to help you keep your sanity. Don’t mistakenly buy the ones you see in the dollar store though. Not only will you find yourself having to go back countless times in a single day since they burn out so fast, you’ll spend even more money if you compute everything in the end. Save yourself the trouble and spend some extra dinero on those Energizers. At least they’ll go a long way.

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