How to Correct a Bad Posture?

We often end up asking ourselves; “How did I end up developing this pain?”. Was it one wrong movement that brought us to this condition? Is it genetic or maybe it is a cold wind? If you did not suffer from a real physical trauma, like breaking a bone or some kind of disorder in a musculoskeletal system, by occasions like a car crash, then the answer is no, it wasn’t one wrong move.


As years were passing by you were developing a bad posture. And like everything you do over and over again, the bad posture becomes a bad habit, like smoking or drinking alcohol. A habit that causes pain in different body regions and which persistently follows us wherever we go.

Prolonged Sitting Risk

When we talk about building a bad posture, we always highlight one thing as, maybe the biggest problem: prolonged sitting. Why sitting is so dangerous? Firstly, because we don’t know how to sit. Yes, you read it well. We don’t know how to sit. Rounded thoracic spine region, excessive lumbar lordosis and forward head posture are just some of the possible bad sitting positions.

Often, we tilt more to one side than another. All of what was mentioned above are positions our body adapts to. Excessive repeating of those positions leads to excessive shortening or lengthening some of the muscles. Natural muscle length ratio is ruined, and we are building imbalances. Those muscle imbalances are a steppingstone to future injuries and different pain syndrome.

Becoming masters

By nature, people are generalists. A very wide palette of movements and knowledge are needed if we want to succeed and survive in our environment. In the very beginning, we were in danger due to wild animals, weather and lack of food. Today things have changed a bit and, for the majority of western civilization the energy (food) is not a problem anymore.

We even have machines and robots working for us. That enables us to primarily focus on our ideas and creativity and on other things like developing technology, culture and different things that surround us. By switching from the natural movement patterns to “forced” ones, like bodybuilding, powerlifting or running a marathon, we are neglecting generalist exercise and cherishing specialism.

We develop an only narrow range of performances and a wide range of them is in complete shadow. A good example of this is a bodybuilder, who has the muscle endurance of a racing horse, but can’t touch his toes. Because of that it is recommended to always have some kind of natural movement training. Walking, running, cycling or swimming are good examples of natural physical activities that focus on the whole body, allowing flexibility, strength and stamina to gradually grow.

Multitasking disease

This is a modern disease – multitasking. For some, it is an indicator of someone’s ability but, it is a foundation of prolonged stress states. With multitasking, we tend to have reduced focus on the primary thing we are doing. In most cases, we are time-limited, and we tend to force ourselves to the limits. While we are in a big hurry, we lose focus and our body is memorizing all of that.

We end up with no sense of our body and with chronic pain. It was already proven that emotions and posture pattern are connected. Just think for a second. How your posture looks like when you are ill or sad? Probably you are crumpled in a defensive pose. Now, think of some happy moment in your life. Surely, you were upright with a smile on your face. Step on a break and maintain focus on your body. 

Movement is health

In the far past moving secured food and shelters. It helped to build our houses and bridges. We were definitely dependent on moving as a species. Today, when you move, you exercise, you meet new people, you dance, you smile, and you are living a fulfilled life. You are building a positive input to your body and when input is positive – output is sure happy and pain-free life.

Be sure to secure those positive inputs with some kind of natural movement training. It will secure mobility, flexibility, and strength to your body. Don’t forget about burned calories while you are taking care of your posture. Move and move naturally.

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