How to Get the Fresh Start You’ve Always Wanted

fresh start in life

Fresh starts don’t need to come with a big move. They can start simply because you wake up one day and are committed to making the changes that you need to in your life. Whatever level of a fresh start you want for yourself, it needs to come from within first. New scenery can help you stop bad habits and make the changes that you want, but it cannot do it alone. The only thing a new apartment will do is take you away from an environment that might trigger you back into your bad habits. Moving, however, will not change who you are, which is why you need to follow these steps to get the fresh start you’ve always wanted:

Your Previous Problems Will Not Go Away on Their Own

The first thing that you need to remember when getting a fresh start is that a new place or a new day will not make your problems go away. You need to address the underlying issues that have caused your bad habits or poor choices. Your fresh start might not really occur until after you have spoken to your doctor about your anxiety, or it might only start after you go through Narcan treatment after an overdose. Either way, progress must be made towards bettering your life and dealing with your problems before you can truly get the fresh start you’ve always wanted.

Identify and Cut Out Toxic People

The next step is to identify and cut out the people who cause you to spiral backwards into old habits. If you have friends who only hang out with you on nights out and encourage you to binge drink, then they won’t be conducive towards the fresh start you are looking for. Cut out the toxic presences in your life and instead make new friends that will help you be the person you have always wanted to be. If you’ve wanted to act, join acting troops in town and make friends with the people in those circles. If you want to craft, the same thing applies.Find friends who are interested in the same healthy activities you are, and you’ll finally be able to move forward with your life.

De-Clutter Your Life Before You Move

If you do move, remember to seriously de-clutter what you own before you go. While there is no reason to get rid of a frying pan, it could be beneficial to get rid of drug paraphernalia or wine glasses depending on the addictions that you are fighting. Clear out everything that you don’t value or use often, and bring only your best self forward to your new home. If you aren’t moving, clearing away the junk from your home can help you benefit from a “new” environment without the hassle of relocating.

Getting a fresh start is only possible when you have taken strides to better your life and address the underlying causes behind your bad habits. In some cases, you might be suffering due to the aftermath of a bad time in your life; in others, current stressors could be causing you to relapse. By clearing out the bad influences of your life and rehabilitating, you can finally get the fresh start that you have always wanted.

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