How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills?

For many of us, even the thought of public speaking can feel jittery. Standing in front of a bunch of crowds and holding the mic can be very daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. However, through some simple steps and techniques, you can overcome your fear and become a better orator. 

Here is a curated list of advice for you to enhance your communication and improve your public speaking abilities.

speaking skills

Gather Important Points

Whatever subject matter your speech is about, start gathering the most relevant and critical points you want to mention. 

Develop a Sketch

Once you know which all points you want to keep in your speech, structure a sketch or draft of the talk. Make sure your first draft covers all the aspects. You can then improve your draft further and build on the rough outline you have created.


This is one of the essential steps. You have to practice a lot before you go on the stage in front of all the people. You can read aloud and speak in front of the mirror, or with your friends and family as your audience. This will not only boost your morale but also help you feel confident.

Time Your Speech

In any event, where you are presenting a speech, you will be given fixed time. So, it will be best if you can time your draft speech accordingly while you are practicing. This way, you will be more prepared and won’t have to go through last-minute stress to concise your speech, which may lead to the deletion of some important points.

Seek Review

Ask your family or friends or anyone you want to review your draft. Reviewing includes giving suggestions, honest opinion, level of engagement, and any area of improvement. This could be a great way to improve the content of your speech, making it more perceivable and exciting to your audience.

Know Your Audience

You need to know what kind of people are listening to you. Take, for example, an educational topic of science. While you are preparing your draft, pay attention to the kind of audience to whom you will deliver. For this, you can ask simple questions like: Is this a very knowledgeable crowd? Are they people from different fields? Is it the general public from all walks of life?

You can easily find answers to such questions from event organizers!

Make the Opening Remarks Catchy

Just like a good essay captures a reader from the first paragraph, you need to grab the audience’s attention from the opening lines to make an impactful speech. Make sure you put in a lot of effort to begin on effective catchy notes such that the crowd tunes into what you are saying.

Keep Time For Humor or Light Moments

Even if the topic is serious, one or two light-hearted moments make your whole speech even more engaging. This also allows you to reset your mind before moving forward to the next section.

Don’t Read From A Paper.

Let’s be honest, when people see you reading from a piece of paper, the speech becomes monotonous and boring, even if the content is excellent. So it’s better to talk with whatever you remember from the topic you prepared, and it’s okay if you cannot recall the exact words. In fact, improvisation can go a long way to make your talk more authentic and interesting.


You can watch videos, do courses, and in the end, practice a lot with all these in mind and see yourself transform into a better speaker as well as a communicator in the future!

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