How To Reduce The Risk of Cyber Attacks While Gaming?

Cyber attacks happen through the weakest point in any security system. Not surprising but users are the weakest point of any security system which is why it becomes important to educate users about the harms and the protection of the online world. One advantage when it comes to gamers is that they aren’t naive, they have a working knowledge of the technology.

Because of that it becomes easier for the gamers to learn and understand the security measures to be taken. Even if you are new and don’t know how to be secure and protect your account and yourself, your familiarity with the system and technology makes it easier for you to grasp the concept and apply it. Here are some things you can do to reduce the risk of cyber attacks while you are gaming.

1. Password protection

Password protection

The first step to any kind of security online is password protection. Good password practices that you follow for all your other accounts over the internet are something that you need to carry over to your gaming accounts as well. Instead of using the same password for multiple accounts, try following guidelines for strong passwords and use things that you can remember but aren’t that obvious. That way your accounts wouldn’t be that susceptible to brute-force attack.

2. Two factor or multi-factor authentication

Most games will offer an option to have two or more factor authentication like other online accounts such as your email account. These should always be kept on so that you always have another level of protection on your accounts. Even if someone manages to get your password, they will still have to enter a code that is sent to your registered email or phone number. Yes, it can be a bit inconvenient if you keep logging frequently but you should always use it to have better security.

3. Malware protection

Malware protection

If you are a regular gamer then you know that you disable a lot of things in order to increase the performance of your machine and your antivirus is one such thing because it otherwise drains your performance. Some antiviruses sometimes give false-positive results when it comes to gaming platforms which is also the reason for people not using the antivirus service. Research and invest in a good antivirus that includes features that work with game mode and helps keep high performance while also helping you stay secure.

4. Phishing knowledge and awareness

Most gamers know what phishing is better than the general public but the beginners might not know this. One main thing not to do is click on the links you don’t know what they are for and where they go. There are too good to be true deals that will be sent to your email regarding the game you play. If something costs money in the game and this email tells you that you can get a ton of them for free then it is most probably fake.

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