Mistakes to Avoid When Using NSA Dating Sites

Online dating

There are many great dating sites to find no strings sex online. With so many options out there, it’s almost impossible not to find someone for a casual hook-up, although it’s always important to take the right approach to ensure success.

While it’s easier to find a hook-up on NSA dating sites than most traditional dating sites, there are still many faux pas you want to avoid making, otherwise you’ll struggle to find the casual encounter you’ve been looking for.

Avoid the following mistakes when using NSA dating site to increase your chances of a casual hook-up!

No Good Photos

Profile pictures make or break your chances of finding no strings attached sex online. They are the first impression other users have of you, so without a few decent photographs you’re going to struggle to meet anyone.

Even if you’re not confident about your looks you can still take flattering photographs. Make sure you take several snaps from different angles to give people a chance to see what you’re all about, and don’t be afraid to use those angles that compliment your body type.

Try to make sure they are hi-res photos too – nobody is going to give a grainy photo a second look!

Don’t Fall for Fake Profiles

Sadly, there are many fake profiles on all the best NSA dating sites, so be mindful of this and try your best not to fall for any.While it’s impossible to say for sure at first glance, the usual rule to follow when identifying a fake profile is simple – if it’s too good to be true, then it probably is.

Another key hint is when conversations start.They don’t make much sense after a few responses, with automated messages sticking out like a sore thumb, while things like overly professional photos,sending you a message with a link to another site, and barely completed profiles are a sign of fake profiles.

Take Too Long

Remember, this is an NSA dating site you’re using, so nobody is playing the long game. Don’t waste too much time chatting, arranging a date, or anything like that, as you’re only going to hinder the chances of a hook-up.

While you may want to avoid being overly forward with your first few messages, it’s important to arrange something as quickly as possible. Whether it’s going for drinks or coming over to your place, cut to the chase as quickly as possible – we guarantee you someone else is already making moves you’re holding back on.

Not Enough Humour

A good sense of humour is a must for any casual dating site. Yes, you both know you want some no strings attached sex and not much else, but they want to do this with someone fun and exciting, so avoid being too serious.

You’re out looking for casual fun so act like it!

Being Too Rude

Even if you only want casual sex you should avoid being too rude other users. Always be nice and respectful and you’ll find everything else much easier, as nobody is going to want to hook-up with someone being creepy or offensive.

Get Disheartened by Rejection

You may strike out a few times and feel annoyed, but there are countless profiles on the many NSA dating sites out there, so don’t let it get to you and move on quickly!

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