Ways for You and Your Girlfriends to Become More Comfortable with Your Sexuality

While the difference between men and women are mainly due to socialization in childhood, those differences become even more stark in adulthood. Because of this socialization, women are much more comfortable amongst themselves, sharing the details of their lives and working cooperatively. Of course, even though women are socialized to be more ‘open,’ there is still a line in the sand as it relates to human sexuality. Only the closest of friends and confidantes might learn about the inner workings of their loved one’s intimate relationships. At the same time, women might not be so keen to talk about their intimate relationships with one another if they feel uncomfortable or if a problem is going on. Whether you are looking to become closer with your best girlfriends, become less sexually inhibited, or simply want to feel more comfortable about the female form, there are great ways for you to bond.

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Getting Basic to Natural Basics 

Everyone might be born naked but pretty much every culture calls for modest clothing for both genders. While all women come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties, body positivity is still a fairly new concept. At the same time, even those who might be highly regarded as having ‘ideal’ body shapes can often be subjected to objectification by their peers. Women absolutely should feel comfortable in their natural forms, no matter their size, age, or sexual orientation. Partaking in a swim class with your female friends might actually have you feeling a lot better about how you look, and help you to view yourself in a more positive manner. There are also classes that revolve around fertility, female empowerment, and health and vitality. It all depends on what your comfort level is.

Host a Sex Toy Party 

Now, attending a party where there will be sex toys and sexual enhancement aids on full display isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At the same time, when it comes to your very best friends, there probably isn’t a lot that you wouldn’t do for one another. During these parties you can find a wide range of strap on dildos, vibrators, lubricants, and more. If you want to become more comfortable with products like these in general, there is a great sex positive toy company called Wet for Her, and looking at their product range may educate you! The idea of having a sexy toy party might seem embarrassing at first, but then you have to think about the fact that you are going to be surrounded by friends. If your friends are the type of women who would never actually step foot into an adult themed store, then this exercise would help to bring the ‘fun’ to them. When you all come together in a positive, non-judgemental environment you quickly find that you become more comfortable with your sexuality.

Coming Together and Talking Freely

Life can get so busy that even the best of friends end up going weeks, months, or years without really talking about anything on a deep level. Sure, your friends probably know where you work, have been to your house a million times, and can tell your mood without even seeing your face. But what about all of the things that are going on in your life right now? Sometimes friends are surprised to learn when one of their group has recently filed for divorce because they didn’t even know that they were having marriage troubles. If you are hoping to become more comfortable with your sexuality then you are going to at least occasionally need feedback. 

Planning an Exclusive Trip with Your Female Friends

There are loads of movies that play up on the ‘girls trip’ trope, but in reality when women get together for a vacation together there is a lot of deep bonding that goes on. Just being in a setting where you get to relax, and that is away from all of your troubles and worries will get you to open up. Whether you are in a relationship or hoping to meet someone and mingle while you are on vacation with your girlfriends, you are definitely going to get a lot of moral support. During this type of excursion, you will feel comfortable in the company of those around you whether you are having a difficult time in your life, are feeling insecure about your body, or are going through a period of growth. Getting honest feedback and support from those who know you the best will clearly help you to become more in tune with your sexuality.

Maturity is probably the biggest factor in becoming and simply being comfortable with natural human sexuality. You have to understand how your body works and functions, get enough practice, and then finally gain enough wisdom to understand that everything about you is natural and normal. For women, this lesson can be hard to learn as they are often held to a different set of standards. So get all of the positive reinforcement you need from your closest girlfriends and together you will always feel comfortable in your own skin.

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