How Not to Become a Slacker

4 Ways to Become More Productive with Your Online Job

The idea of staying at home while earning money is the dream. However, it’s actually not as chill as you might expect it to be. In fact, working online requires you to become more responsible since unlike the office, nobody’s watching you or keeping track of your performance but yourself and of course your boss. Also, since our minds are programmed to relax at home, you have to battle the urge to slack around and get distracted with all the comforts that it provides. With that being said, here are out top tips to help you become more productive with your career online.

Fix your schedule

Whether you have one full time job or plenty of part time jobs, you definitely have to plan your schedule at least one week ahead. Unlike your regular day job, working online would require you to probably sacrifice time spent outside with your friends and family. You can’t just spontaneously book a vacation or a road trip. Well you can actually risk it, but you definitely have to secure high speed internet at all time. Also, you wouldn’t be able to participate in in all of the holidays with this job, so you certainly have to prepare yourself for that.The key here is just to organize everything so you can still sneak a couple of fun activities. It is also important to inform you employer ahead if you need time off so you wouldn’t get fired obviously.

Adjust to your new environment.

Working online would require you to be at home or in a place where you could focus on your tasks. Unlike in the office where you could do a chit chat with your colleagues, or ask people help if you need to, having an online work entails you to be more independent since your only best friend would be Google. It may feel a bit lonely for a while but trust me it’ll get better. This “alone time” also makes you become more effective as you learn how to figure things on your own. Plus, there’s a likelihood that you would work extra hard since you would be driven to finish all your tasks so you can finally get out and catch up with friends. Humans have been programmed to adapt their environment so this part shouldn’t be that hard. It just takes a ton of willingness to get through it. Just remember, it should be mind over matter.

Wake yourself up

If you’re feeling restless from hours and hours of facing the computer, or you’re too tired to wake up during unholy hours just to get work done during your boss’s preferred timezone, do a little work out or stretch prior or in between. It will pump up your adrenalin to keep you alert and awake. Take caffeine only when you need to since over dosage can cause you to tremble and even feel drowsy eventually. Try taking a cold glass of water instead to wake up your senses, which you can take as frequent as you like.

Take a breather

Although working at home spares you the effort and time of travelling and doing all sorts of physical things, you still should take enough rest. Offers to work online can be crazy. You keep applying and accepting job offers because of the enticing compensation, and before you know it you would have to work 20 hours straight.  Now that is definitely not healthy, both for your mind and body. It is essential that you take breaks in between to function better. Don’t get caught in spreading yourself too thinly that you end up jeopardizing the quality of your work.

Just remember that balance is the key to success. You should know how to push yourself but you should also know when to stop. It can be said that this career will help you develop values that you could use not only with your job, but personally as well. Start being productive today, invest now so you can reap the fruit of your labour soon.

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