Raise A Glass To 2020: Wines To Watch Out For This Year

The United States is one of the top importers of wine in the world, receiving 17% of the total wine imports in 2018. Drinkers enjoy wines from all over the world, and each year, new trends hit the market. Here are a few of the wine trends to watch for in 2020 when you’re choosing wine for the year ahead.


Australian Wine Remains Big

Australian wine continues to take a big share of the market this year, but an increasing number of Australian drinkers are opting for lighter, fruitier styles, which is likely to influence production in the country. Look out for an increased focus on under-known Burgundy brands and red wines produced in cooler regions of Victoria, including Mornington Peninsula, the Yarra and Bellarine. Many growers sell red wine online in Australia, so these brands will be readily available to a global market, as well as the more traditional Australian styles like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Rosé And Appassimento On The Rise

Australian growers and producers in Europe are set to produce more rosé, speaking to a rising global interest in the variety. Rosé is expected to be taken more seriously as a wine, and Moët Hennessy’s deal with Château d’Esclans is expected to give rise to the popularity of high-end rosés. Appassimento wines from Italy took a large share of the market last year, and this trend is projected to continue. Appassimento is an Italian term for wine made with dried grapes to concentrate the flavours and sugars. Look out for Recioto, Sforzato and Amarone varieties.

Demand For Environmentally Conscious Wine Grows

Expect to see more vegan labels on wines in 2020. UK supplier Majestic reported stocking 200 vegan wines last year, compared with just 39 in 2018. As environmental concerns rise, this figure is expected to grow, and more suppliers globally are likely to increase the number of vegan brands they stock. Traditionally, fining agents used to remove bacteria and yeast from wines are derived from animal products, but an increasing number of producers are using plant casein, silica gel and bentonite clay to remove these elements to speak to the vegan market.

More producers are now also seeking to employ biodynamic practices to produce wines more sustainably, and a growing number of wines on the 2020 market will be supplied by growers using sustainable practices. Climate change also shows signs of affecting wine regions, and producers are already investigating ways to respond to the changes ahead. Research into new grape varieties and resource reduction in wineries is set to continue throughout the year.

Wine never goes out of fashion, but its trends change year on year. Look out for lighter, environmentally conscious wines this year, with a greater respect for previously under-sung styles.

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