Those Sons of B*tches! Arby’s Shortchanging Customers Out of Soda


This Arby’s soda cup CLEARLY says 22 oz. on it. It’s not just a generic “small, medium, large” distinction. And as you can clearly see, the absolute MAXIMUM this cup can hold is barely 21 ounces.

After testing this theory out, Consumerist reader Michael took a look on the fine-print on the bottom of the cups lower lip. Printed, in black-and-white, is the true maximum capacity of the cup. 21 oz. So what’s the deal? Does 22 really sound like THAT MUCH more than 21?


I’m disappointed in you my lords of roast beef.

I demand a 1 oz refund on every Arby’s beverage I’ve ever purchased. IMMEDIATELY! And a lifetime supply of Horsey Sauce.


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