Why Tablets are the biggest beneficiary on the Mobile Gaming Boom


When we first began to witness the current boom in mobile gaming, it was smartphone devices that led this charge. After all, increasingly sophisticated handsets from brands such as Apple and Samsung have enhanced the immersive nature of live, mobile gaming, while concepts such as 4G connectivity have also made it possible to play online without interruption.

Whisper it quietly, however, but there may now be a suggestion that smartphones are being increasingly overshadowed by tablets in the mobile marketplace. This trend is being driven primarily by mobile gaming, with tablets offering the perfect hybrid of desktop processing power and smartphone portability.

If you need evidence of this trend, look no further than data-sets from the European market. Here, the gaming revenue generated by tablets is continuing to growing exponentially, while mobile earnings increase at a far steadier rate. According to existing and forecast figures, tablet gaming revenue will increase to 8.18 Euros by the end of 2018 and this is more than double the amount reported in 2014. This is a huge leap, and the continuation of this trend beyond 2020 could see tablets usurp smartphones as the gaming device of choice.

Tablets have also benefited from the modern players’ quest to improve their quality of gameplay, as they seek out new and dedicated device to help them achieve this aim. With 67% of consumers in the U.S already owning a smartphone (as opposed to the 46% that own a tablet), gamers are increasingly keen to invest in a tablet that offers an improved experience. This offers an opportunity for further growth within the sector, especially with gaming-specific devices such as the Nvidia Shield proving popular in the market.

As this trend continues, brands such as Apple and the market leaders Samsung will continue to develop their devices to suit the gaming market. This will build on the fact that tablets already have a natural advantage in the gaming market, with ideally-sized, high resolution screens and fluid controls simply replicating the thrilling mobile experience on a larger platform. Whether you access a number of free bingo games or enjoy high-octane adventure titles, the tablet platform is one that drives a more immersive and interactive experience overall.

With these points in mind, there is a compelling argument to support the tablet as the dedicated gaming device of choice for the future. If you are a gamer, you should certainly consider investing in such a device as the current market trends will encourage manufacturers to tailor their tablets to suit existing user preferences.

Whether you buy a dedicated gaming tablet or a more generic product, this device has arguably been the biggest hardware beneficiary of the mobile gameplay boom. This is unlikely to change any time soon, the typical tablet offering the perfect balance of convenience, portability and powerful performance.

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