Is Robert De Niro the Best Actor for Mafia Films?


When it comes to mafia films from Hollywood, there are a few names that you see a lot. First of all, there’s Joe Pesci. Joe Pesci is a great Italian actor who features often in Italian mafia films. There are also others like Al Pacino. Of course, there’s Marlon Brando as well. Is very memorable as the Don in the Godfather films. But one name definitely stands out when it comes to these types of movies, and that name is Robert De Niro.

What makes Robert De Niro so good in mafia movies?

Many people have wanted to know this very same thing, and there is simply no easy answer to this question. One thing that definitely helps this actor feature well in movies about the Italian mob is the fact that he truly is Italian. Robert De Niro’s family is originally from Italy. Robert De Niro also has a specific and certain hardness about him. He knows how to play the game. He is stoic, intelligent and he has a hard exterior. If he were to place the games Available at Red Flush Canada, for instance, he would do well. Just by looking at him, you see that he knows what he’s doing.

The voice of an actor makes a huge difference

In addition, Robert De Niro’s Voice actually plays a large role in his success in these types of movies. He has a gruffy, low voice that naturally points to power. In other sounds that he has done like Meet the Parents, which also stars famous comedian actor, Ben Stiller, he also plays a gruff, serious character who doesn’t play around. Even though he is not in the Italian mob in this movie, you can tell that he means business, and he is rather scary for this reason. Of course, that’s why they chose him as the intimidating father-in-law for this film. He portrays a presence that makes you think you don’t want to mess up in front of him.

His look is that of a mob boss or Don

Finally, he definitely has an Italian mafia mug. In other words, even as a young man, he always had that smug crooked smile on his face with deep lines and a seasoned look as if he is definitely seen some things—that you probably wouldn’t have wanted to see—in his lifetime.

If you’re interested in seeing some of the amazing film work that Robert De Niro has performed, we recommend definitely seeing the Godfather films as well as some of the later films that he did with fellow Italian Martin Scorsese. Both of these men have worked together numerous times to produce some amazing cinematic attractions for all.

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