The Benefits of an Air Fryer you Didn’t Know

Benefits of air fryer

In the midst of all the pressure cooking, grilling and baking, we had air frying subtly introduced into the home; as a result, we did not have any noise or fanfare associated with the launch.On the other hand, with the skepticism that trails new products, the adoption of air frying and air fryers are largely expected.

That was years back. Today, air fryers have become a regular in most kitchens, cooks and chefs can hardly imagine how they would have done without them. This is notably as a result of the technology behind air fryers.

Air Frying Technology

The technology behind the air fryers is what is presently popularly known as “rapid air technology”. The technology is based on creating a compact, closely-packed kitchen equipment, with a fan within, which turns rapidly, generating hot air in the process. This air in turn cooks the food placed in the air fryer, resulting in a rich, crispy, delicious, and healthy-looking dish.

The air frying technology could be similar to the technology behind the air conditioning system, with the only difference being air fryers produce hot air compared to the cool air that emanate from air conditioners.

Benefits of Air fryers you probably didn’t know

The novelty behind the invention of air fryers is the health benefits attached to the meals cooked in them. Air fryers require less oil for cooking. And with most of the meals we enjoy eating being those which require some form of preparation with oil, it sure is a pleasant discovery to realise that preparing a dish with the air fryer, you can have a guilt-free pass when eating all the fries, fried chicken, baked sandwiches you want.

So, with the air fryers always advertised toward healthy cooking, there are probably some other benefits of air fryers you aren’t aware of. Let’s look at some of them below:

Easy to cook with

Using a new kitchen product to cook comes with its own challenges. However, not the air fryers.Buyers and cooks can select between the manual or automatic cooking settings. Air fryers come with preset settings for the different meals you could be interested. More likely, if you select the automatic option, you can have the cook settings for your food, and forget all about it. All though, with some meals, you might have to stop the air fryer midway, and stir the food. Do check on the recipes when you do.

New and easy recipes

So, that brings us to the recipes. The air fryers are awash with lots of recipes to spill out delicious dishes. The Philips Airfryer is famed for coming with its own set of recipes book. Also, air fryers like toastmaster2.5 liter make it easy for beginners to get acquainted with usage, before committing to a dedicated purchase.

Load up your French fries, bacon, hamburger and chicken wings and laps, and watch them turn out into splendid, irresistible dishes that would make you want to try them out again. You can also reinvent your deep frying recipes using the air fryers.

Less Cooking time

With the amount of the heat stirred up within the air fryers, you can have cooking ready, quickly done and tasty looking. Air fryer recipes range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes or more, giving you more time to spend with the family, and catch up on the extra work brought home from the office.

You can also cook up something, right before you rush out to work in the morning, to beat the morning rush hour. No need to hang out at the deli, watching the clock run, hoping you’ll make it on time to the office.


Air fryers come in different sizes, prices with different packages. There are even accessories you can use to stretch your cooking to your imagination. However, air fryers have been criticized for the exorbitant prices they command. The Philips Airfryer debuted with a price tag of $299. That is far above the price of the Iphone SE at $255, or the Nokia 6 at $229, both remarkable smartphone with sterling features.

However, since the initial debut of the air fryers, price has given way to style and functionality. Now, you can get less pricey options like the rosewill air fryer at $149.99 or the Cozyna Air fryer at even a lesser price of $79.99.

Air fryers actually contribute to keeping the environment safe

You might not be fanatical about the environment like former Vice President Al Gore. However,if you are just little enthusiastic about environmental preservation, having an air fryer is a good way to show your support.

Did you know that using an air fryer saves up to 10 to 20 percent of the energy you use, when compared to traditional cooking? This difference results in a reduction in energy that is lost to the environment; and helps save power consumption. Isn’t it a great feeling when you know you can have all the delightful meals you want, and help save the environment also?


The above are examples of the great benefits that come with air fryers. There are lots and lots of other advantages like whole new recipes to sample, and getting into groups and clubs which share air frying recipes. Air fryers are really great products to add to your home and cooking.

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