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The Best POS System on The Market - Slosh Spot

The Best POS System on The Market

With so many POS systems available today, it can be difficult to narrow down the best one for your specific needs. Many POS systems offer feature-rich software that lacks in customer support, or vice versa when balance is the key to success in the industry. This POS system achieves both excellence in both customer service and the number and quality of its features. We’re pleased to introduce the best POS system on the market: Vend HQ.


A Tradition of Excellence 

Founded in 2010, Vend HQ started out with a simple idea: improving the POS industry and making POS systems accessible for all businesses. Now, serving over 20,000 companies worldwide, it’s safe to say Vend has reached that goal and will continue to improve upon itself as a company and a brand in the years to come.

Vend sets itself apart from the competition with a focus on customer care and satisfaction. You’ll find 24/7 support available when you purchase Vend’s POS software, so you’ll never have to worry about your POS system going down before an important sale period or holiday season. Vend’s trained and friendly staff are ready to guide you through whatever issues you may run into, though with such high-quality software, they’ll likely be few and far between. 

Don’t worry about unifying on and offline operations; Vend offers eCommerce solutions as well, so all of your business can be conducted within one software program. Vend believes that a good POS system is the key to a successful business, and the company offers exactly what you need to streamline operations and improve your business overall. 

Feature-Rich Software

From POS and payment processing to eCommerce, Vend has you covered. If you’re looking for an effective inventory management solution, look no further. Vend’s inventory management allows for maximum customization; allowing you to add variants of your products, individual SKUs, or categorize your products any way you like. A single product catalog syncs across all of your channels, including eCommerce and in-store, so you’ll never have to worry about the numbers not matching up! 

What would a POS system be without reporting and insights? If you want to take a deeper look at how your business runs and what your customers prefer, Vend’s software allows you to create your own reports; whether you need sales details from the last month or the last year, or you’re simply looking to see how individual items are performing across all of your sales channels. Everything is secured in the cloud, so your data is always safe and always backed up.

Let’s not forget the core purpose of POS software: processing payments. With Vend, you can accept cash, personal checks, credit and debit cards, gift cards, create store credit or layaway options, contactless payments, and more. With constantly evolving payment options, it’s important that your POS system evolves as well. Vend is set up to accept a variety of payment methods to keep your business running no matter how your customers pay. 

Finally, we come to Vend’s customer management feature. You’ll have the ability to add new customers at the point of sale, creating an account that’s safely stored within the system itself. You’ll also have the option of issuing gift cards and creating a loyalty program. Everything you need to manage and improve your customer relationships exists right at your fingertips. Don’t forget to reward your most loyal customers with special discounts and promotions!


While Vend doesn’t offer its own hardware, it does provide a list of hardware options that are guaranteed to work with its software. You can use existing hardware to reduce costs or choose Vend-compatible options to ensure your software operates at max capacity throughout its lifespan. Vend is cloud-based software, so both Android and iOS devices are compatible with its POS system. 

Don’t worry about compatibility issues; if you’re using a Vend-supported hardware system and it’s not working correctly, Vend’s support team will assist you in getting it back up and running. Never lose another sale to faulty hardware or software; Vend’s products and customer support team will keep you going for as long as your business is open.

Cloud-Based Solutions

As previously mentioned, Vend is cloud-based software. What exactly makes cloud-based software so great, anyway? Storing information on the cloud ensures that synchronicity across all channels is seamless; not to mention, cloud storage is a secure way to keep yours and your customers’ information safe from hackers and other potential threats. 

The Best in the Business

Overall, Vend HQ is the best in the business, offering incredible customer support, amazing product features, and compatibility that’s hardly matched by the competition. If you’re looking for a POS system that can take your business well into the future and beyond, look no further than Vend HQ. Try Vend’s 14-day free trial today and learn why the software is trusted by over 20,000 customers worldwide. 

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