How to Use Social Media to your Advantage as a DJ


In this digital age, all DJs should be on social media. Having an online presence could increase your number of fans, give your brand more exposure, and grow your following. However, this only works if you do it right.

Here are some tips on how to use social media to improve your career:

Sign up on the biggest platforms

If you are not on Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, and Twitter, you are lagging behind. Using these platforms can turn you from a bedroom DJ to a famous entertainer. However, signing up is not the end of it.

You need to have a hands-on approach with your accounts if you want to establish a social media presence. Facebook and Twitter are the biggest social media platforms that anyone can join. They come in handy if you want to advance your DJing career.

Mind your ethics

Social media is an online community, real people are behind those photos, and status updates. Therefore, you should not be rude to anyone online: this will only destroy your reputation. If you want a large fan base, you should be nice to everyone and agree to sign autographs without discrimination.

Think of your social media profiles as you would of personal interactions: smile, respond in a friendly manner, and give sincere handshakes.

Be consistent but don’t overdo it

Just like a garden, your social media profiles need maintenance and cultivation. You should not just create an account, add friends, and leave it blank. You need to interact with your social media friends consistently.

Constant interaction with your fans makes your relationship with them seem real. If you are relatable, your fans will choose to attend your startup events because they feel as if you have a personal relationship with them.

However, you should not spam them with invites to gigs and tours – this is the easiest way to be kicked off a friends list. Instead of appreciating you, your fans will think that you are annoying and desperate.

Be sincere and relatable

Fans will be able to appreciate you as a DJ if they find you relatable. No matter where you are in your career, your followers and fans should feel free to reach out to you whenever you are online. If this happens, then you are doing something right.

Aside from your gig schedules, tracks, and other deejaying content, you need to share content that is personal and has nothing to do with your career: childhood photos or pictures of your family. You should also consider pulling funny videos from other platforms and sharing them with your fans – this will trigger a healthy discussion with the fans.

Pay attention to successful DJs

What is the best social media campaign you have seen from a famous DJ? If you follow the people whom you draw inspiration from, you could learn something about social media interaction. What is your favorite DJ doing that you are not?

Be yourself

Most top DJs are of Dutch, Swedish, or Canadian origin. Therefore, DJs who are not from these countries may decide to play down their origin. Do not do that – where you are from is your identity. If you are Mexican, for instance, you should consider setting up two accounts on each social media platform: one in English and the other in Spanish.


Social media exposure is free and if you use it to your advantage, your career could benefit greatly.

Are you an upcoming DJ? According to the owners of, a New Jersey DJ, you need to advertise yourself on social media because you are a brand. However, you should be careful to avoid making enemies instead of fans.

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