The Discotech App Makes Partying in Major US Cities Easier Than Ever

There are plenty of apps out there to help you find places to go out in the evening in a given area, whether it is a restaurant of a certain genre in your city, a pub in the place you are vacationing in, or an opportunity to see some live music. These apps tend to curate information about the places and events you can go to, and allow you to research your options thanks to user ratings and reviews. Discotech, a nightlife app that is currently gaining a lot of ground on both iOS and Android, actually takes this one step further, and provides a wealth of interactive booking and social features that make it a really helpful tool in managing a busy social life!


Discotech’s Discovery Features

Discotech has a number of great features all packaged together in a fashionable and easy to use interface. Firstly, it lets you discover what is going on around you tonight or in the near future – and it lets you filter by the things that matter to you, whether it is music genre or the price of drinks and entry. As well as discovering club events based on your preferences, you can also check out where your favorite DJs are playing, meaning if there is someone who always plays the exact right music for you and guarantees you a good night, you’ll never have to miss them!

Booking Made Easy

If you want to book a table with bottle service, you can do that at any of the clubs listed on Discotech’s bottle service feature with just a few taps of your smartphone screen. You can enter all the details such as the number of people in your party and Discotech will do the rest. There is even a loyalty points system, so if you book regularly (for instance for corporate hospitality) you can get even better perks.

If you don’t want a table, but would rather not pay on the door, you can also buy tickets for nights in advance using the app and gain entry just by showing your phone – no need to print anything, so you can even do it in the cab on the way to the venue. If you want to get on the guest list or take advantage of special entry promotions, Discotech has you covered for that too – you can find free to join guest lists or pay for priority access at some club nights.

Social Features

As with many apps, Discotech is very plugged into the social nature of the modern internet, and so there are opportunities to connect with friends and invite them to things you are going to, or see where they are going if you are both Discotech users.

Discotech is available for iOS and Android, and currently covers LA, NYC, Miami, Washington DC and Las Vegas, with the website run by the creators of the Discotech app suggesting more cities will be added with time.

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