The Truth: Most Girls Are Okay with a Cheap Date

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If you’re in a new relationship and you’re feeling the financial burden of taking your partner out on dates, stop panicking. Unless you’re dating a certified (as in legit) princess, most women will be happy just to enjoy your company. If you’re already beyond the second or third date stage, it’s likely that she likes spending time with you. These days, many women are happy to pay their own way (9% more millennials will do this than older women), but it’s still not commonplace. Even the most traditional will appreciate you making efforts that don’t necessarily need to be financial. Putting thought into an evening or daytime date together will usually win out in the end.

Go Explore Nature

Dinner and drinks are great, but the bills soon rack up and the formula has been done to death. To introduce something a little different into the mix, why not go and explore the great outdoors instead?

As we’re heading into Autumn, it’s still a great time to be going outside. Go for a simple hike – especially if you’re beginners, pack a picnic and make sure to bring a camera to take lots of pics. It won’t cost you much, but it’ll be rich in memories.

Just be sure to pack warm clothes in case the temperatures drop… or you could always cuddle up!

Plan a Low-Key Gathering with Friends

If you really like a woman, it can be a big deal to both her and the relationship to introduce her to all your friends. It can be tempting to hit the bars or the club and do it that way, but unless you’re 21 and just looking to get drunk, this can take away from the experience of actually showing a girl off!

If you want your partner to like your friends and for your friends to like her, there needs to be some actual bonding. A smaller and more intimate event works well, perhaps involving food or an activity that everyone can get involved with. One idea that people ought to be on board with is a casino night. Invite a small group, buy some snacks and some wine, and simply head online. Oddschecker allows you to compare different casinos and the bonuses you can get for signing up – so yes, there’s a potential that on this date, you can even make some money!

Cook Dinner Yourself

Old traditions die hard, so if you really want to enjoy a woman’s time over a dinner, why not cook it yourself? If you’ve got even a hint of talent, this is a sure-fire way to impress her – who doesn’t love the idea of someone who can cook?

By preparing dinner, you’re showing you’re willing to make the effort, and also that you’re well-trained to do things around the house! And who doesn’t appreciate good food?

Take time to plan your dinner properly so that it doesn’t go wrong. There are so many amazing recipes online, and a practice run wouldn’t go amiss. Make sure to check what she’s allergic to – and bonus points for remembering allergies from experiences at restaurants.

If someone is really interested in you, they’ll want more than just your money. Think outside of the box!

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