Can’t Commit? Why A Girlfriend Experience Can Give You The Best Of Everything!

Having a girlfriend can be a costly experience, especially in the early stages of the relationship. One perfect way to reduce the expense and save yourself the hard work and effort of finding and keeping a girlfriend is to consider paying for a girlfriend experience. You can enjoy this unique service whenever you feel like enjoying some time together with someone willing to make you happy, before returning to your blissful single lifestyle. 

After all, in what situation could you legitimately spend time with your girlfriend, then go out with the lads afterwards without feeling remotely guilty? You wouldn’t need to tell her where you go, when you go there or what you do when you get there, but you’d still be able to enjoy the closeness and support of a girlfriend whenever the fancy took you. 


What Is A Girlfriend Experience? 

Often defined as a service provided by sex workers, a girlfriend experience doesn’t have to revolve around sex. It’s more commonly known as a traditional escort experience; where you hire a woman for a set number of hours to pretend to be your girlfriend and make you feel special. This might involve sex, but it may also involve going out for a date and even attending an event with you, like a wedding or a birthday party where you’re keen to impress others. You can get to know each other over the internet before you meet so that you convince people that you’re a proper couple, or you can use your date as a chance to learn more about one another and enjoy a real ‘first date’ experience. 

How Do I Find Someone To Provide A Girlfriend Experience? 

Work with an escort agency providing ladies in your local area to find someone who’s happy to provide this service, then discuss the experience you’re looking for so that she can prepare before you meet. There are lots of different escort agencies offering girlfriend experiences, such as Adultseek, which has a range of escorts based in areas such as Belfast who are willing to provide an exhilarating girlfriend experience to gentlemen in the area. One of the benefits of the girlfriend experience is that you can select the woman you’d like to be with from a range of escorts, meaning that you’ll find your ideal companion. If you want to enjoy the experience again then you can hire the same girl to spend time with, or you can even hire someone else so that you always enjoy a unique girlfriend experience. 

Why Is This Easier Than Getting A Girlfriend?

It’s easy to see why a girlfriend experience is easier, and cheaper, than getting into a real relationship. You’ll only have to pay one set fee, as well as expenses, all of which will be discussed beforehand, meaning that you’ll know exactly how much money your girlfriend experience will cost you before it even begins. You can also set out exactly what you want before the date, so that you know if you want sex then you’ll definitely get it, a guarantee that you don’t usually have. 

After the girlfriend experience is over you both go your separate ways, and you never have to see the lady again if you don’t want to, as opposed to a normal relationship where, unless you’re awful and decide to ghost her, you have to at least see her one last time to break up with her. If it’s a long-term relationship then you have to continue with regular communication, remember birthdays and special occasions, as well as paying for at least your own half of a range of dates, which won’t happen if you choose to instead enjoy the occasional girlfriend experience. 

Isn’t It Embarrassing To Pay Someone To Spend Time With You?

Not at all! Paying someone for a girlfriend experience is no different to paying any other service provider. You’re paying them to give you the support you need that you are simply not willing to go to the trouble of getting yourself. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get a date, simply that you don’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone organically to go on a date with you. After all, if you pay a pizza delivery service to make and send you a pizza then it doesn’t mean that you’re not perfectly capable of cooking one yourself. 

Service providers, such as pizza restaurants, charge more than it would cost you to complete a task yourself, such as making a pizza, because they’re selling you a solution that saves you time and effort. The same is true of escort agencies. They’re offering you a cheaper, easier, shorter-term solution that will allow you to enjoy all the best aspects of having a girlfriend without having to go out and find someone you’re compatible with and then make the effort to keep her happy

Can You Get The Same Intimacy From A Girlfriend Experience That You Can From Someone You Know?

It can be difficult to define intimacy, but for many a girlfriend experience is incredibly intimate as it is much more than just a transactional exchange. You’re not just paying someone for sex, you’re paying them to spend time with you and make an effort to enjoy their company. Even with people you’re close to like friends and relatives it can be hard to get people to listen to you, or find people you’re willing to open up to, so a girlfriend experience is perfect for those who want to really connect with someone for a short amount of time. Professional escorts know exactly how to make every man they’re with feel special, so you know you’ll get the most out of your girlfriend experience and will leave fully satisfied, even if you don’t want sex. 

Will It Lead To More?

As a general rule, no. This isn’t Pretty Woman. Escorts know what they’re doing and enjoy their work. If you want to use the experience as the first step towards finding a real girlfriend then ask your escort for advice, and practice on them before you find yourself a real date. Use an online dating service to find a woman who’s willing to go out on a real date with you, then put the knowledge you learned on your girlfriend experience to good use so that you can enjoy a long-term and fulfilling relationship. Just be aware that it’ll cost you more and take more time than your girlfriend experience!  

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