The Types of Friends We All Have

Throughout our life, we come across so many different kinds of people. Some are just momentary acquaintances, while others remain there through the bond of friendship. As we experience school, college, dorms, Uni, work, society, we make friends all along, and each has something unique and different.


If you think about it carefully, each of your friends right now in your life, have their own set of quirks, nuances, and identity. Whenever you hang out in your group, there is always the funny ones, the serious guy, the foodie, and many such labels that bring forth their fundamental characteristics, and adds to the personal touch strengthening your bondings. Sounds familiar, right? Without further ado, let’s have some fun and look at the kind of friends we all have, don’t forget to comment on how many of these friends strike a chord with you!

# The Studious Specs

This is one friend we absolutely depend on. He/she studies it all, is fully prepared before exams, and has notes that seem to be made in heaven! Well, I am not kidding at all. They are the saviors when you are neck-deep in your semester syllabus, and the assignments keep on piling up. At those moments, they are the ones who teach you, share notes, and make you thank the lucky stars for their existence!

# The Anxious One

Remember that one friend in your gang who always used to fret about upcoming tests, pending homework, and more or less stressed throughout the year about the SAT scores? This is the one. Even when you are chilled and totally up in the air about all the assignments, this person, rest assured, brings you back to reality and seeps in some of their anxiety to you! However, when the results are out, somehow they got all A’s, and you can never figure out how that balances with their level of anxiety and nervousness!

# The Funny Bones

Whether everyone is in a somber mood or relaxing by the pool, the group comedian always has a joke up the sleeves ready to crack you up. Although most of the time, they might be ridiculous like ” Why did the chicken cross the road?” and even get on your nerves, but hey, you can’t deny that you miss their light-hearted banter when they are not around. No worries, you don’t have to admit it in front of them!

# The Miser

Well, this is the money saver alert. The one friend of your group, who always insists on splitting the bill, food by food, or quarrels for the last penny and is really uptight about giving treats. Rings a bell? They can live for days on the salad to save the extra bucks and can boggle your mind with their savings. Their pocket jingles, but their heart sinks when you ask them to spend. On the good side, however, these people also make you rethink your expenditure and get you to save a few dollars after all!

# The Emotion Express

I don’t want to sound heartless, but you must have come across that one person who is always filled with a lot of emotion and is all over the place. Be it a movie or a story or signing the yearbook, they go all teary and bring the collective ” we won’t cry” stand of the group to shame, and before you know it, everyone has their eyes itching! But, yeah, they are also the ones with the cleanest hearts and strongest minds; after all, it takes a lot of guts to express your emotions in front of everyone!

# The Gossip King/Queen

They are the social butterfly of the group, always up to date about everything happening. They know who got drunk last Friday, which party is going on around the block, who bunked classes, who was the Professor’s first wife, so on and so forth. They make up for any dull day and bring the live feed about all the happening stuff to the table. You may say you hate gossip, but come on without this friend how will you stay updated and you know that as well!

# The Drama Winner

As is self-explanatory from the title, they are the ones whose life resembles a tele – series. Nothing seems to be normal about them. They get drunk, throw fits, quarrel loud, complain bitterly, miss the Ibiza party with sadness you can’t understand! They are rich and high on drama, but became your friend because the heart is good at the end of the day! 

# The Crazy One

They are the best! The life of the party, the positive energy, and mood booster. They might do all the crazy things and jump from planes, holiday in a remote village at Honduras, or be cheerleaders at the local retirement soccer league, but they can light up your day like nobody else. 


No matter what type of friends you have, hold on tight and cherish them as they are precious, and make your world a much better place each day!

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