Things To Avoid When You’re Under The Influence

The thing about drinking is that there are these unspoken rules that no one tells you about. Sure, it might be “common sense,” but it’s still where a lot of us go wrong! So, we independently figure out that you’re not supposed to mix Yaggermeister with Kettle one, or that we can use a health-boosting CBD oil to fight that hangover the next day. It’s no fun figuring these things on your own. Still, if you have, you acquire some interesting stories about how you’ve come to reach certain conclusions about alcohol. We want to help you save face “as the young kids say” and avoid some of those disastrous situations that can transpire when combined with booze!


Sure, we all know it’s a massive no-no to text your ex or that special someone you’ve been crushing on when you’re hammered. There are so many things that can go wrong in this situation! The worst part is that you’re not “conscious” of what you’re writing, so you won’t even remember! You might even say something to someone that causes you to lose a friendship! So, save yourself the embarrassment of waking up and seeing a long thread of text messages where you’re professing your undying love for someone––or worse! Just put your phone down and enjoy the moment!


If there’s one thing that alcohol does, it curbs our inhibitions! They don’t call it liquid courage for nothing, folks! Did you know that food and retail purchases are the most common purchases when people are under the influence? In fact, it’s noted that “drunk shopping” is a 45 billion dollar a year industry––who knew?! When you’re drunk shopping, you’ll feel like “it’s all good” and don’t really care too much about running up a credit card bill or two. However, when you sober up, you might be kind of upset with yourself as you lay on your bed, surrounded by your new treasures that might have to go back to the store. 


Duh….this seems more than obvious, right? You’d be surprised how many people think that they actually drive better when they are intoxicated. Did you know that the CDC reports that there’s one death every 50 minutes that’s attributed to drunk driving––don’t be part of this statistic! You believe you are more cautious, but as we all know, our perception of reality is heavily skewed when we’ve been drinking. Just think of that scene from the Wolf of Wallstreet. When he thinks he drove home perfectly, but it was really disastrous, and he hit just about everything possible! Don’t let this be you. Order an Uber and play it safe to protect yourself and others!

Energy Drinks

We’ve all enjoyed a Red Bull & Vodka from time to time. That has to be why those of us who have overindulged know not to overdo it. Now, some people say you shouldn’t drink energy drinks at all while drinking because you’re mixing a stimulant with a downer (alcohol). After all, it masks the effects of alcohol. You don’t realize just how intoxicated you are. Additionally, if you consume too many energy drinks, you can suffer from side effects like convulsions, heart palpitations, nausea, anxiety, chest pains, and more. We’re all different––different body chemistries, and so forth, so this affects everyone in different ways. Some people can have a bit of and be fine while others will feel like their hearts will jump out of their chests and hit the dance floor. 

Helping Your Kids With Their School Projects

This one is for the parents who enjoy a cocktail after a long, hard day. You’re enjoying that margarita that’s perfectly blended, and maybe a bit too strong (but that’s okay because you’re at home). Then your kid walks up with the glue and popsicle sticks and asks you to help them construct a log cabin. You might want to avoid these types of projects when you’re slightly inebriated because that cabin is going to look more like a shack. Still, hey, it’ll look like the kid really did it alone, right? The choice is yours but maybe help with homework and projects later. 

Vegas Pool Parties

If you’ve been to a Vegas pool party or two, you know that it’s super dangerous to mix copious amounts of alcohol with that intense desert heat. When intoxicated, our bodies aren’t able to handle the heat. We become dehydrated faster because our body loses the ability to regulate in that heat. However, we still see people flock to Vegas pool parties in large numbers. If you must attend this kind of party in such extreme weather, stay hydrated, so you don’t topple over into a bush or something––trust it’s happened!

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably done all of the things that we just advised against. If so, you probably have some great stories as a result––Some good, some horrible, and some you’ve probably tried to erase from your memory! Just remember to drink responsibly––to save your life and those around you––oh, and saving yourself embarrassment…that’s important 

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