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Three Fun Way DJs Can Connect With Their Audience - Slosh Spot

Three Fun Way DJs Can Connect With Their Audience

DJ connect with audience

A lot goes into learning how to be an effective DJ. Once you’ve gotten all the right equipment and you’ve practiced a bit, you have to book your first gig. Then, when you show up to that gig, you have to make sure you connect with your audience!

And, contrary to what some DJs think, simply showing up and playing some tunes isn’t going to do it.

Here are three fun ways DJs can connect with their audience to ensure everyone has a great time.

Get on the Microphone

By all means, make sure you’ve got some great samples and beats from Cymatics so the crowd can dance the night away, but you should also take a little time to get on the microphone.

You probably didn’t get into DJ-ing so you could spend your time on the microphone, but it really can enhance the audience experience. A few fun ways you can integrate microphone use into your set include:

  • Introduce yourself at the beginning of a set
  • Thank the crowd for a great night at the end of a set
  • Do an old-fashioned call and response
  • Invite audience members onstage and ask them questions

How you choose to communicate with the crowd using a microphone depends on the event. At a wedding, you’ll likely do everything on the list. At a night club, you may only thank the crowd for a great evening.

Type to the Crowd

Not really one for talking on the microphone? Or maybe you want your music to speak for itself? Don’t think that means you can’t communicate with your audience!

Instead of speaking directly to the crowd, consider typing to them instead. A small, portable projector is all you need. Simply type in messages that you want to share with your audience and display them on the wall behind you.

In today’s world, everyone is always connected to social media, so why not try communicating with your audience that way? Post a Facebook update asking for responses from audience members or start a hashtag on Twitter for those in attendance.

Take Requests

There’s an age-old debate among DJs—taking requests. Some DJs feel the music should speak for itself. However, if you’re looking for new ways to connect with your audience, taking requests is an easy way to get the job done.

You can always take requests in person, but many DJs find this to be off-putting. It means they become distracted from their set, and many times, it means dealing with an arrogant or belligerent requester.

If you want to take requests on your own terms, opt to take requests digitally instead. The requests will pop up on your phone, all without the need to deal with someone trying to shout their request over your table.

Playing great music is fun for you, but it should also be fun for your audience! With these tips, you can ensure everyone in attendance has a great time.

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