Best Cryptos to Buy Now

In the variety of crypto assets proposed in the market, there are coins and tokens with different purposes. Some assets are released with the goal of being used in blockchain games; others are connecting the real sector companies with blockchain; some assets are meant for quality and cheap money transactions, etc. Some large crypto platforms also release their crypto coins. The goal is to ease users’ work and deliver bonuses to them, as well as to expand the user base and, thus, have more profit.

One of the largest crypto exchanges in Europe, WhiteBIT, also released its token – WBT. It is one of the most popular crypto assets today, so consider investing in it. The WBT price is $4.07.

Other promising crypto coins in 2023:

  • DASH
  • Ripple XRP
  • Cardano ADA
  • Ethereum ETH.

What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy?

One of the best tokens to buy in 2023 is WBT. The asset brings many benefits to its owners depending on the way one stores it. It may be owning or holding coins:

  • Owning provides you with discounts on transaction commissions. Depending on how many WBT tokens you own, the discount varies. The more tokens you own, the higher the fee discount for a maker.
  • Holding is the way to lock assets with opening advantages: higher rewards in the affiliate program, a new structure of discounts, the absence of blockchain commissions, and a number of ERC-20 tokens withdrawals for free.

Important to note that it takes 2 weeks to unhold the WhiteBIT token, but if you want to unhold it right away, you may pay a 10% commission.

The WBT Coin Crypto Price

As of the beginning of January 2022, the WBT price is $4.07. To maintain the token’s value, the WhiteBIT developers regularly buy tokens back and burn them. It helps to increase the demand for the asset and reduce the supply for it. 

Learn more about the asset on the WhiteBIT crypto blog.

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