Travel Business Class with These Top 5 Airlines

Business class

Everyone knows that business-class traveling costs a small fortune. But is this a reason to always pick cheaper alternatives? Our friends from (yeah, the team that provides people with discounted business class tickets to Asia) helped us to tell you about five companies offering most luxurious fares and suggest you try something completely new.

  1. Air Canada

The national airline of Canada offers you smart reverse herringbone seats in their business class cabins. Pillows and blankets are waiting for you with their soft touch and freshness. Of course, you have entertainment control panel, a touchscreen, in-ear headphones, power sockets, and USB ports. If you browse entertainment selection, you will be surprised how extensive it is; the system is updated with new films and series every week. The amenity kit is handed our right after the departure. It consists of basic supplies and looks gorgeous in gray wool. The drinks are served in proper glassware, which signals a high quality of service. Foods are not that exclusive, but all the meals are filled with taste and aroma. And, of course, traditional Canadian hospitality will make your flight exceptionally relaxing.

  1. Air New Zealand 

Thanks to armchairs covered with the finest leather and gourmet national meals, you will have the time of your life. They are angled and based on herringbone layout, so you will have both enough personal space and a full access to aisles. Traveling as a couple, you can sit in the center (“honeymoon seats”) and just remove the partition between your seats to talk with your companion. You can convert your seat into one of the longest lie-flat beds in the sky – more than six feet. You will have a nice sleep with a fluffy duvet and a full-size pillow. Entertainment supplies include a touchscreen that can be positioned to suit you sitting or lying and noise-canceling headphones. During dining service, you can order drinks through entertainment system. Don’t forget about excellent selection of Kiwi wines. Air New Zealand is frequently entitled one of the best airlines in the world.

  1. Emirates Airlines

This company provides its customers with one of the most luxurious services in the industry. We believe Emirates Airlines business class tickets worth every penny. They have prepared smart seats for your comfort – it features fully flattening bad, a huge storage, beverages, Bulgari amenity kit, power sockets etc. You can choose between solo or double seats with the access to the aisle and use a personal screen to kill your time. The onboard Wi-Fi works through the entire flight. You can now surf the net during your sky adventure! What makes this company exceptional is the onboard lounge – a perfect place to stretch your legs while you taste exclusive cocktails and canapes. A bar at 10,000m in the air is not the thing you meet every day. Flight attendants speak 17(!) languages and will do their best to tailor the flight to your preferences.

  1. Korean Air

Korean Air, the largest airlines in South Korea, have much to offer. Here you can escape the daily routine in a private Prestige Suite equipped with an adjustable seat and mood lighting, so the air staff will always be ready to make your flight even better. These business class cabins to Korea have the least number of seats in business class cabins among other aircraft so you will have more space for yourself. You will for sure appreciate the ample storage next to your seat. Amenity kits, given out with comfy slippers and pre-boarding beverages, include cosmetics by DAVI. Talking about onboard entertainment, we could not pass by two separate lounges with couches, TVs, and reading material. In the smaller lounge, you can mix drinks by yourself while the bigger lounge comes with a bartender and various drinks. Korean dishes are truly worth tasting, but if it is not your thing – you can have Western-style meals like stakes or pasta.

  1. Etihad Airways

The flag-carrier of the United Arab Emirates surrounds you with absolute privacy from the very beginning: a limousine transfers you to and from the airport. Seats are positioned according to 1-2-1 herringbone layout. They give much space to the tallest passengers, which allows having a refreshing sleep during a long-haul flight. More than 750 hours of movie entertainment and 400 albums accompanied by a 15.4-inch screen will help you spend the time in the most pleasant way. Unfortunately, onboard Wi-Fi connection is very sketchy and you have to pay for it. We believe Etihad Airways will somewhat later resolve this problem. The selection of wines and hot meals is extensive and can fit even the most fastidious taste. The Etihad “Kitchen Anytime” has a separate selection of appetizers, sandwiches, cheese plates, and desserts that can be served anytime you want.

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