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Upcoming Mobile Apps for 2018 - Slosh Spot

Upcoming Mobile Apps for 2018

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2017 was an impressive year when it comes to app development. Many companies have now realised the importance of mobile apps which are a necessity. After all, mobile is the best way to meet the demands of customers. Following this trend, many mobile applications are set to be launched.  Below are some of the mobile applications which are in the pipeline for 2018.

Internet of Things (IoT) and Wearable Apps

Smart home, automotive industry, smart cities, smart health, smart retail and industry IoT are now industries which are growing. In mostly all of the industries, IoT apps are gradually becoming the mainstream. Even if it will take time for this project to be fully operational, it will be long term. One of the example is App watch apps which is starting to grow. Google as well has released Android things to adopt the IoT feature. Given that there is an increase in demand for connective things, applications will need to be wider than just smart phones. Developers have a huge job to make to meet the needs of people. Analysts have already predicted that this industry will grow at a rate of 33.3% over the course of the five next years.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is another trend which is upcoming. Ever since Google has come with this concept, mobile devices are loading pages quicker. With AMP, you can now see web pages which are being loaded at maximum speed on your mobile phone. Another feature which Google wants to add to this function is isolated search index for mobile web. From a marketing point of view, this feature will bring great changes to mobile app development. By making pages load quickly on mobile devices, the bound rate will be decreased which is beneficial for businesses. It will also increase the visibility of many pages and will attract many visitors. One example of a site which loads fast even on mobile phones is Booty Bingo. This mobile bingo site is one of the best and attracts a lot of players. The success of Booty Bingo lies in the fact that it proposes bingo games and slot games.

Android Instant Apps

This concept is in the pipeline for 2018 and it promises a lot. Android Instant Apps will function like websites, but they can attract more people as they are more convenient. These apps won’t need to be installed- all the borders between the website and the app will be removed. With just one click, you can have all the advantages of the site on the application itself. You can thus access the applications anywhere and anytime, without having them installed on your device. These apps will run just like any normal web page. As per the developers, the apps will be adaptable to all android versions. The simple fact that the application doesn’t need to be downloaded is a great advantage as well, as it saves space on your smart phone. Also, the app will be easy to share.

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