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How to Make Your Own Funny Movie In 5 Steps - Slosh Spot

How to Make Your Own Funny Movie In 5 Steps

The chances of you being able to make the next blockbuster movie are slim at best, but with the right tips in your pocket, there’s no reason why you can’t create a funny movie that goes viral on Facebook. Its overall success will depend on your investment and your idea, but if you’re motivated to create a unique funny movie, follow the below tips to help you get it out there.

1.      Invest in the Right Tools

As stated above, depending on how much you’ve got to invest will depend on how much of a success it is. If you invest in the right tools, you can be sure your movie is going to look more professional and will get more exposure. Fortunately, there’s a Kowa Anamorphic lens rental available that you can try out if you want lenses that can give a unique and recognizable cinematic character to your film. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean your movie is going to fail if you don’t have the best tools in the business. Look at the latest video editing software and try to grab yourself a bargain in the local classifieds when it comes to acquiring a new digital video camera.

2.      Come Up with a Unique Storyline

The problem most movie makers have these days is coming up with a story that’s different. Whether you’re opting for something funny or serious, a decent storyline is vital to make it a success. Spend time writing a story and try to be as in-depth as possible, and then go over it multiple times to see where you can improve.

3.      Get Your Funniest Friends Involved

We all have that one “class clown” friend who makes us laugh from just looking at them. Try and get those friends interested in your idea and come up with a cast you think will thrive when working together.

4.      Film Environment Is Key

The setting of where the film is made is also very important. Many film makers have had enormous success by using expensive props within a professional filming environment, whereas others have just used their local parking lot! Depending on your film will influence where you choose to base it, but it’s always something that should be strongly considered.

5.      Film Editing & Distribution

Once you’ve got the right cast, story, setting, and you’re happy with how things have gone, it’s now time to finalize your masterpiece. Doing this will take plenty of time and effort, but once it’s finished, you’ll be able to see your work in action. Film editing is a huge part of making a movie a success, so don’t cut corners and refilm certain scenes if need be.

Once everything is finalized, it’s now time to turn your attention to marketing and distributing your movie. By taking advantage of DVD duplication services, and the likes of social media, it’s now possible to hand out free copies of your movie to give everyone a taste of what’s to come. Try to obtain reviews of your movie by handing out free copies and then get press releases written to give your movie the grand opening it deserves.

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