The Year in Beer: Beer Drinking in America by Volume

What half the world population wouldn’t do for beer! The word alone would send several hearts aflutter. Men consider this a staple for every baseball game they watch. If Harry Potter had butter beer and the gods of Olympus were addicted to the sweet nectar, then Americans consider this as their ultimate pleasure. It’s a basic need for many of you.

Thirsty Americans choose beer over milk, coffee, and yes, even bottled water. If your everyday Tom, Dick, or Harry would get stranded in a desert, the first thing they’ll search for would be an oasis of beer. If what they get is water, then they might just choose to take a sip in order to survive, but not without a heavy heart.

How much do Americans actually love beer? Take a look at some of these awesome things Americans do:

1. North American Wife Carrying Championship

This tradition might have started in Finland, but Americans have found a way to make it their own. The husband carries his beloved through a maze of difficult obstacle courses. The prize? It may not seem like much to you, but to the man, it’s almost like winning the lottery. First place gets his wife’s weight in beer.

2. Alcoholiday

It may not be an official holiday – yet! But most men take the day off to recover from drinking the night before. Admit it! You’ve done this, hence, it’s actually now considered a term that’s part of the urban dictionary.

3. Yearly Consumption

China may have the highest consumption for beer. But then again, think about the number of people they have. With over a billion to spare, Americans can certainly take pride in being a worthy competitor.

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