Simple Gifts for Christmas


Christmas gift giving does not have to be complicated.  There are plenty of simple choices for gifts that are sure to please anyone on your shopping list, and they will not break your budgeting either.

Lotions and soaps

If you are giving a Christmas present to a woman on your shopping list, consider giving her a basked of nicely arranged soaps and lotions.  Choose high quality products with good, all-natural ingredients that are not overly filled with chemicals.  This will ensure that your gift recipient does not have any sort of unwanted skin reactions to your present!  All-natural handmade soaps are widely available from local crafters and farmer’s markets, and many come in beautiful shapes and designs.  Pair complementing smells together, such as an ocean breeze lotion with a citrus soap, for the perfect gift basket.

Men can enjoy lotion and soap baskets as well.  In recent years, baskets for men have become popular, and they include items made from hops for a truly manly aroma.  These beer-scented soaps and body washes are a great way to keep things simple while still including the men on your shopping list!


Continue the theme of giving gifts that smell nice by adding scented candles to your list.  A scented candle in its own container can be an excellent gift on its own, but consider purchasing a pillar candle (or a few of them) and making your own arrangement to give to someone who is important in your life.  This option will allow you to bring a DIY element into your gift-giving, and gives you a chance to personally tailor your gifts to the people on your list.

Scented candles by Koch are great for Christmas presents.  Choose scented tea lights, pillars, and more to complete your personalized candle arrangements.  Or, if you are pressed for time, these scented candles make great stand-alone gifts as well!  Simply purchase the candle of your choosing, add a pretty ribbon or decorative wrapping, and you will be good to go.

Homemade snacks

Last but not least, put together a homemade snack pack and wow your friends and family with your cooking and baking skills!  Use a glass mason jar to hold goodies, and stack them in layers inside the jar for a fun presentation.  Finish off with a doily or a simple raffia ribbon for a rustic, country look that will make your gift seem all the more special.

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