Break the Bridge Between the Present and the Future – Spiritually

With our lives so busy and stressful, we do not get time to take care of ourselves spiritually. With everything else we need to take care of, this is one of the important aspects that we often neglect. Setting time aside for it is required, but has become a luxury. 

Even if you don’t have time to do something yourself, attend workshops, you can manage to set at least 1-2 hrs aside for yourself. Most of the spiritual workshops are free, and the ones that charge are usually bringing to you different techniques that are gaining popularity.


Have you heard people say – live in the present or live the moment? For many people, the question arises – how do we live in the present only, should we not plan for the future or think about the future. This question is the biggest thing that comes to our minds and stops us from living in the present.

Understanding the actual meaning of living in the present and the way to live life blissfully and responsibly is something that can’t be achieved in a day. We are creatures of habit, and it is difficult for us to break a pattern that is already established and is being practiced for years.

To break out of the rut of just running for survival or for achieving our dreams, we need to learn to take some time out for ourselves. Many people feel that stopping the hustle is going to be the make or break of the future; when the reality is the total opposite. If you do not stop even for a second, you are going to end up burned out, and that is going to cost you all your hard work.

There’s no point in working hard to achieve something and then not having the strength and energy to enjoy the said thing. You need to question yourself. Ask yourself, what is it that holds the most value to you. What is it that makes you get out of bed every day?

When you know the answer to your heart’s deepest desires, it becomes easier to cut off other things that are stopping you. This gives you time and space to focus on yourself. When you know yourself the best, you can achieve everything that you want. It becomes easier to work in-tune with your mind and body than against it.

Having your mind and body in-tune is a spiritual experience that helps you live in the present and prepare for the future – something to be taken note of.

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